Stranger things have happened.

Pirates roam the seas of the West Indies. Alduin has just been defeated. Their worlds where turned upside down when two strangers from Nirn are dropped into the middle of the Golden Age of piracy.


4. Comfort comes in different forms.

They headed for the door, once outside they found a little table on the deck with a few stools. Everyone sat on the table. 
"So..." Edward started. "I'm guessing you people are not from around here, so you will have questions as will I." Edward started.
"Yes" Brynjolf and Ireth said in unison.
"Okay, I'll start first" Edward announced.
"What's your name and Where are you from..?" Edward asked pointing at Brynjolf.
"The name's Brynjolf, I am from the hold of Riften in Skyrim" he answered matter of fact. Edward nodded his head slowly, then turned to Ireth. "And you?" He asked.
"Ireth Simulairé, originally from the Summerset Isles but moved to Skyrim for reasons." Ireth spoke.
"Okay," Edward said slowly. "I don't mean this to come off offensive but you defiantly don't look like you fit in around here" Edward pulled a funny face. Ireth was about to leap over the table at him for offending her race of people but Brynjolf had already put a hand to her chest to stop her from getting up. Then again what was there to get mad at...? Currently the Aldmeri Dominion had the Empire in its grasp with the White Gold concordat and were doing terrible things to the poor people that called Talos a god. The Aldmeri Dominion had also done some treacherous things to Ireth's family in the past, that lead her to despise the Dominion, probably more so then Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullis put together.
"I am a Nord, and my lass here is an Altmer or High elf, with a fiery temper and a title that most didn't know still existed until she showed up" Brynjolf smiled.
"How did you get here...?" Edward asked quickly and quietly.
"We were on a ship travelling to Raven Rock, guild business, then all of a sudden the sky became dark and forbidding, the sea got rough, didn't know which direction we were going as we were thrown about the ship. I'm guessing it knocked both of us out and when we woke up we were greeted by your friend and in chains" Ireth spoke. Edward sat there trying to process what he had just heard, they were not from around here, maybe not even from this planet, but that spiked his interests and he knew that Mary and Anne would want to hear about their world, they were always interested in that stuff.
"Okay I think that's it for questions, as I can tell you are from somewhere else, Mary and Anne will also want to hear all about it" Edward nodded. "I'm going to get drinks" he stood quickly and made his way inside. 

Ireth raised both eyebrows and watched as he disappeared through the door. "I am at a loss for words, I am rather confused and that was rather rude" staring off to where Edward had been only moments before. "Did I do something that I didn't notice Bryn..?" Ireth asked shifting her eyes to get a good Brynjolf, squinting her bad eye she lent on the table. 
"Stop pulling that dreadful face lass. If I was being tortured for information and they showed me that face I would talk in no time and not that I noticed" he replied looking out towards the docks. 
"Bryn...?" Ireth called softly from her seat, he hummed in response letting her know that he had heard her, eyes still trained on the people loading cargo onto the ships.
"I..I'm scared" she mumbled while looking down at her callous hands, tracing her skin pattern on her palms with one finger. Brynjolf gulped hard, when she was scared it was time for him to be scared. But the Nord and Altmer hated showing their feelings saying it was a sign of weakness. Ireth had pulled Brynjolf through a few situations he found himself frightened in and he was always grateful, she was his rock. But now his rock was frightened and so was he. They were in a foreign place, with foreign people and didn't know where they actually stood. Being stripped of their weapons and armour also gave them a huge hit, it gave them some semblance of home but now, but looking on the bright side at least they had each other and for that they were thankful.

Brynjolf moved his seat round the table closer to her, he pulled her in and gave her a sideways hug. Brynjolf was a ladies man and was always with a different women every night, but being a man he didn't deal well with others emotions, like Mary in the prison cell. Ireth had felt her heart strings pull at the woman's story but had no affect on Brynjolf. The ONLY person who he would comfort and actually show his soft side to was his Effy. They were good friends, maybe even best friends, he loved her to bits and the only one to call her Effy and get away with it.
"It's ok lass, we'll get through this, you and me. Like old times, for the Guild" he said stroking her back and leaning his cheek on top of her head. 
Ireth gripped at his shirt, turning her body she buried her face into his neck, inhaling his scent. As well as smelling like these clothes she could still smell that smell that was Bryn. It took her back to when they first met. 

She had been asked to run an errand that involved her going all the way out to Riften. After a long, arduous, tiresome journey of 4 days she finally made it to the Riften gates. Over the last 4 days her and her amazing horse sweetroll had been attacked by bandits numerous occasions, wild animals, mages, the dominion and even a dragon. The places they stopped to sleep weren't the best and the weather outside had defiantly taken a turn for the worst, with the horrid storms, harsh winds and her repeated Clear Skies shout it eventually tired her out, and not going on much to eat and drink as most of the provisions had been lost by the third bandit attack. BUT she was here now. She tied Sweetroll up at the stables, giving her some food and something to drink then she sauntered up to the gates dressed head to toe in glass armour the guards stopped her. Taking off her glass helmet she looped it her belt with a leather strip so she didn't have to carry it. She tousled her hair out and straightened up the enchanted gold and emerald circlet around her forehead. 
"To enter the city you must pay a visitor's tax" one of the guards speaks up. Ireth thinking quick and being rather skilled in the gift of the gab replies.
"This is obviously a shakedown" 
"Okay keep your voice down, and go on it" the guard turns to the main gate and pushes it open. Ireth made her way inside, pulling her note out of a little pouch attached to the leather belt she reads the address of her destination. She walked a bit further into the city as a Scottish voice drew her attention. 
"Never done an honest day's work for in your life for all that coin you're carrying eh lass?" she would have found his voice like pure seduction if he didn't just insult her.
"Excuse me?" She turned and marched straight over to him, nostrils flaring and fists clenched at her sides. He liked the spark that she showed, he moved closer to her standing a few mere inches from her face. She could smell him, he smelt like mead, jazbay grapes and nightshade.
"I have a proposition for you lass if you're up for it..?" He smirked raising an eyebrow at her. She crossed her arms over her chest.
"I'm listening" 
"Good, me and my friends own a get rich quick business and if you can show me what you've got you will receive a decent cut." He persuaded. "I need you to steal Madesi's ring from his stall in the market place and place it into Brand-Shei's pocket, don't worry I will provide a distraction" he said leading the way into the market place. Ireth just nodded. Brynjolf walked over to a little cart and pulled out a red bottle and started his distraction, everyone in the market place formed a little group in front of him, now was Ireth's chance. 
She ducked down round the back of the stall that Brynjolf had told her was Madesi's, rooting through a little pouch she found her lock pick. She was able to get into the sliding door pretty fast but was having some trouble with the strongbox. Relaxing and taking a deep breath she tried again and done it. She found the ring, closed and the strong box, shut the door and swiftly and quietly made her way round to Brand-Shei who was sitting on a crate, that made it difficult for her to put the ring in his pocket. She tried to be as quiet as possible, well as much as she could with the heavy armour she was wearing. Brand-Shei moved slightly and his pocket to his tunic parted some more. Slowly she dropped the ring into his pocket and backed away, moving back round the stalls and out of the market place. When Brynjolf saw her stand up and brought his distraction to a close. Once the massive group had dispersed she made her way up to Brynjolf.
"I didn't think you had it in you" he chuckled.
"I can handle it" she laughed.
"The group I represent has its home in the Ratway beneath Riften...a tavern called the Ragged Flagon. You make it there and I'll see you that you are inducted into the group" Brynjolf explained and winked at her walking away.
"Okay I'll see you there" Ireth mumbled to herself.

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