Stranger things have happened.

Pirates roam the seas of the West Indies. Alduin has just been defeated. Their worlds where turned upside down when two strangers from Nirn are dropped into the middle of the Golden Age of piracy.


3. Another round of stitch me up Doc.

Brynjolf run into the town with Mary in his arms. The first place he headed to was the tavern. Bursting through the door he called out for help. A red headed female rushed out from behind the bar and ran over to them. 
"Mary" she gasped as the looked at the ill woman in Bryn's arms.
"Quickly come with me" she said to him as she walked to the corner of the bar. She opened a secret door and headed upstairs, Brynjolf right on her tail. They entered a room at the top of the stairs that had two small single beds, a clothing partition, a small table in the middle of the room with chairs and a couple of cupboards  along the walls. 
"Please bring her here and put her on the bed" the woman motioned to the bed. Brynjolf did as instructed and placed Mary on the bed.
The red head started to work on Mary quickly.
"I'm Anne by the way" she smiled at him.
"Brynjolf" he nodded. "Do you have a spare blanket I can take with me...?" Brynjolf asked.
"Yes of course" Anne rooted through a chest next to the bed Mary was currently laid in. She pulled it out and handed it to him.
"Thank you, I shall return very shortly, I have another friend that needs medical assistance, but I have to go and get her" Brynjolf said walking towards the door. 
"That's fine lad, bring her here" Anne nodded while concentrating on Mary. 
"I shall return" Brynjolf nodded and headed downstairs and out of the tavern.

After careful navigation Brynjolf retraced his steps back to the spot they were last at. He headed into the lush vegetation, wading through the soft grass bare foot was nice. Heading through the canopy of tree's careful not to step on anything that will cause injury. He didn't have to look to far to find the woman in question, laying on her side fast asleep, snoring heavily. He walked over to her naked sleeping form, he bent down and wrapped the blanket around her body. Moving the hair stuck to her face by the sweat that had now dried on her tan skin. Gently grasping her shoulder he shook her softly. 
"Effy" he whispered lowly. "Effy...come on now lass, I need you to wake up and come with me" Bryn leaned down closer to her ear. When the woman gave no inclination of waking up he shook her harder. "Come on girl" he huffed. Again nothing. Having to think fast he sat on his knees, bent down and licked the shell of her ear. When she didn't move, he started to nibble at her ear lobe. She stirred a bit mumbling incoherently and trying to swat his face away.
"Bryn..go away" she groaned softly. He sat there smiling to himself, she hadn't heard him the first couple of times so how would she of known it was him. He moved down to the soft flesh junction connecting her neck and shoulder and sunk his teeth into it. Instead of his intended reaction of her sitting bolt upright screaming obscenities and a swift fist of the nose he got no such reaction. Other than a soft gasp and moaning his name. Okay so not exactly what he was expecting. All of a sudden her eyes popped open, she sat bolt upright calling him everything under the sun and punched him square in the nose. Okay so there was the reaction he had been waiting for. 
"What in the name of sheogoraths beard are you doing Bryn" she shouted at him. 
"Sorry Lass, I did try and wake you up but you weren't having any of it, so I thought I'd try one of my usual tricks" he winked whilst covering his now bleeding nose.
"I'm sorry" she apologised. 
"Doesn't matter, you're awake now and need help." He said standing up and holding his hand out for her. As she took his hand and stood up the blanket fell away from her, a dark rosy colour appeared on his cheeks. She punched his shoulder and bent down to get the blanket. Wrapping it under her armpits she secured it by tying it around her chest. It covered her body to her knees so she had some form of decency.
"It's nothing you haven't seen before" Ireth smirked and winked at Brynjolf.
"Come on you" Brynjolf laughed as he lead the way. As Ireth started to follow she realised how much pain she was in and started hobbling after him. Brynjolf stopped and turned towards her as she reached him he grabbed ahold of her right arm and slung it over his shoulder and wrapped his arm around her waist.

They made it back to the town before the sun reached its peak, although they were both wearing light clothes it didn't stop the sweat from pouring out of every nook and cranny. Ireth was used to heat back in the Summerset Isles, but when she moved to Skyrim her body had acclimatised to the harsh weathers that decimated the lands, the cold biting winds, the blizzards that turned lush vegetation into frozen landscapes. So being in the heat of the Caribbean took its toll on her. Brynjolf was just as bad, The Nord was used to the chill of the winds in Riften, he never ventured far enough into the snowy tundra's to feel the full force of the sub zero weather.  They ambled up the rickety wooden stairs to the tavern, Brynjolf's grasp drew tighter on Ireth's waist pulling her closer to his side, they watched with weary eyes as they entered. The bar was pretty empty as most of the men were out on the docks loading up cargo on their ships. Brynjolf kept a steady pace going so they didn't slow down just in case something was to happen. Like Anne did earlier he pulled at the secret door. Ireth sighed as she looked up at the narrow staircase. Before Brynjolf could say anything she took her arm away from his shoulder, pushed him slightly and made her way up the stairs. She stepped up with the right leg, dragging her left leg behind her on every step. She could bare putting weight on her right leg despite the gash, that had stopped bleeding but was still open. But her left leg couldn't take the weight. Brynjolf followed up behind her with his arms wide so if she was to fall back he would catch her. He was going to suggest that he carry her up as he did for Mary, but he probably would have received a scolding, being told that she is not a child and that she could manage because it was only a cut. 

When Ireth reached the top of the stairs she fell through the door, landing on her hands and knees, hissing as the searing pain shot up her right thigh. Anne turned at the the loud noise and squeaked as she saw the woman. Rushing over she helped her up and eased her onto the spare bed. Ireth turned her head to look at Mary who was now clean but still asleep, her chest rising and falling but this time it looked healthy. She smiled softly at her. Brynjolf came charging up the stairs and into the room to make sure that Ireth was fine. 
"Hi" Anne said softly turning to Bryn who's breath was ragged after running up the stairs. 
"I see you've met her..?" He raised an eyebrow at Ireth who was laying on the bed. 
"Yes, now we have to work on this gash and quickly before it becomes infected" Anne said pulling out all of the supplies she had. 
"What can I do to help lass?" he asked quickly. 
"I'm going to need you to hold her right leg down for me" Anne instructed. Brynjolf manoeuvred himself so he could hold Ireth's  leg down. Anne got out a small bottle of alcohol, a cloth, and a needle and thread. As she pulled out the cork for the alcohol somebody came barrelling into the room. 
The all three heads turned to look at the intruder. A blonde man with a ponytail stood at the door, he was about 6'2, with a blonde beard, bright blue eyes and a couple of scars on his cheek and eye. He was wearing a brown leather coat, with a white and blue shirt, a thick brown leather belt with a red sash in the middle, his arms had leather gauntlet's. Decorated in leather straps, cloth trousers, knee high leather boots, a white hood and swords. 
"Edward, I was wondering when you would get her" Anne sighed softly, her face looked content as he nodded at her and walked over to Mary's bedside.
"How is she..?" He asked as he moved some of the hair out of her face, smiling softly.
"She is better now, thanks to these two... she could have died, if they didn't bring her here earlier." Anne smiled motioning the Brynjolf and Ireth. Edward walked over to Brynjolf sticking his hand out for him to shake. Brynjolf straightened up, turned to Edward and shook his hand. Anne watched the two men in their silent exchange. Brynjolf was just as tall as Edward, with Auburn hair, an auburn beard, emerald eyes and naturally flushed cheeks. He was probably the same build as Edward. 
"Can we get back to work now please..?" Anne nodded towards Ireth's leg. 
"Oh yeah sorry lass" Brynjolf mumbled rubbing the back of his neck. He turned back round and held her leg like a couple of moments beforehand. Edward made his way round to the foot of the bed to see what was going on. 
"Okay this is going to sting..a lot" Anna said, Ireth gave her a nod and gripped the head board of the bed. Anne poured the alcohol onto the cloth and place it over the wound, wiping it clean. As it soaked into her skin Ireth gritted her teeth and screwed her eyes shut. As Anne carried on cleaning, Ireth's mouth fell open and a scream erupted from her throat. Brynjolf put his whole body weight down on her leg as she tried to kick Anne away. Anne had set up the needle and thread, bringing her arm down to Ireth's leg.
"There might be some pain and a bit of tugging it shouldn't take too long" Anne gave her an apologetic look. Gently pushing the needle into her skin, she looped it over and started to stitch the wound shut. Ireth tried to focus on something and the only thing should could focus on right now was Edwards face at the end of the bed. Anne was doing a good job until she accidentally slipped and stabbed inside the wound. Ireth's cry could probably be heard all the way in sovngarde. Her grip on the headboard was strong and her knuckles were white, the wood started to creak and crack, until it snapped. 
"Oi calm down've had much worse than this" Brynjolf chided as he nodded to her now healed face. That day was not a good day for either of them. 
"CALM DOWN...CALM DOWN, IM I AM BEING SOWED BACK TOGETHER BRYN. SAY SOMETHING ELSE THATS STUPID...I DARE YOU" Ireth screamed in his face. The nord male rose and eyebrow and accepted her challenge.
"You're over reacting" He wore that shit eating grin as he said them words and that angered her further. Using one had she let go of the headboard, wrapped her hand in Brynjolf's ragged tunic and pulled him close to her, there noses were just about touching, she could feel his warm breath ghost over her lips. She could see Edward out the corner of her eye as he shifted uncomfortably in his spot, he then made his way back over to Mary's bed, sitting next to her and rubbing her hand tenderly.

Ireth focused back on Brynjolf staring him right in the eye.
"Once this torturous ordeal is over and we find a way back home, so help me Talos I will sacrifice you to Molag Bal and sing praises of his name, where you will be transported to Coldharbour and forced to live the rest of your insignificant life being beaten by dremora, I have seen the horrors of coldharbour first hand and I know you will not last long" Ireth hissed through gritted teeth. Brynjolf gulped,he pulled away from her and carried on applying pressure to her leg. This is why he was scared of Ireth. They were empty threats but he knew the woman well enough to know that she would actually sacrifice him to the Daedric Prince of Domination and Enslavement. 

"There we are all done" Anne announced merrily as she put the needle and thread away. Pulling out a lengthy piece of cloth she bandages the wound up, just to promote healing and ward off infection.
"Thank you" Ireth smiled softly at the woman.
"I do apologise for my actions" Ireth said sheepishly.
"Not a problem, it there anywhere else that needs medical attention" Anne smiled and waved a hand in front of her face. 
"Yes there is actually, my left calf", Ireth said raising her left leg to eye line. "When I was walking on it earlier, well I couldn't" Ireth started staring down at her leg.
"Okay, let me just take a look" Anne made her way round the bed, grabbing hold of her ankle, she raised her leg as straight as she could manage. Poking all around the area to make sure nothing was too damaged. An Anne gently massaged the area to relax her muscles, she got closer to Ireth's ankle, when she touched the ankle joint itself, it sent a nasty pain up her calf. 
"Now we know where the actual pain is coming from, we can get that sorted." Anne mumbled, as she turned away, picking up a few new pieces of cloth, leather and a small plank of wood Anne made her a splint. She placed it on her ankle and tightened it up, as tight as she could manage.
"This will be uncomfortable to walk in for a while, but it will make sure that your ankle heals properly. The only time you are permitted to take it off is when you are in bed." Anne said sternly to put her point across. 
"Yes miss" Ireth chuckled, with a warm smile.
"Oi less of the tongue you" Bryn bunched her shoulder, cracking her a smile. "I do humbly thank you, for helping this loveable idiot out" Brynjolf nodded his head towards Anne.
"You are most welcome" she smiled at Brynjolf, blushing deep red.
"How can we repay you..?" Ireth asked biting her lip, they were in a strange place, with strange people who just helped them out, with no money. 
"You already have. If it wasn't for you Mary would have been dead." Anne mumbled looking towards her friend. 
"Can I just ask, was no one looking for her..?" Brynjolf asked, he was genuinely curious. Only because when a member of the guild was ever caught they were only in prison for about a day before the guild sent someone out to retrieve them. 
"When Mary was first captured I was with her. I managed to escape but Mary didn't. She was destined for the gallows but she was pregnant. The guards have laws and cannot hang a pregnant woman. They threw her in prison. I managed to find Edward but by the time he had snuck into the place they had moved her to a different location. We went searching all prison's and could not find her. But you two did and I am so grateful" Anne smiled as tears brimmed her waterline. She walked over and hugged Brynjolf in a bone crushing hug, he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. Edward stood up from the bed and walked over patting his back. They let go of each other and Anne made her way over to Ireth and gave her an equally tight hug. Ireth returned the hug and rubbed her back as she whimpered softly into her shoulder. When Anne stood up she wiped the tears from her eyes and Edward walked over giving Ireth a quick hug and also hugged Anne.
"That's what we do eh Bryn?" Brynjolf turned and raised an eyebrow at Ireth. "We are not called the Thieves Guild for nothing" she chuckled lightly. He smirked at her.
"Aye lass" he laughed. 
"I think we should have a drink to celebrate Mary's return and to congratulate her rescue team" Edward proposed.
"That sounds like a great idea" Ireth said shifting her weight to throw her legs over the bed. Edward held his hands out for her and pulled her up.  Anne looked at Ireth's clothing choice and stopped her before she left. 
"Edward can you go to the general store and pick these two up some clothes please, if they are spotted they'll go straight back to prison" Anne called. Edward nodded and headed downstairs. 

A couple of minutes later he returned with a bundle of clothes. Handing some to Ireth and some to Brynjolf. "As you are wrapped in nothing but a blanket I suggest you go first" Anne laughed as she pulled the partition in front of her. Ireth untied the blanket and it fell the the floor. She put on the underwear first, then took the brace off and put on the cloth trousers. After making sure they were comfortable she reapplied the brace. She grabbed the white shirt and pulled it over her head. It had Long sleeves and a deep v neck line that cut all the way down to her sternum, but making sure her breasts were some what covered. She pulled the knee high leather boots on and emerged. Brynjolf's eyes nearly popped out of his head, he had never seen her wear anything like that before, she was always shrouded in heavy armour. "Looking good lass" he smirked as he ducked behind the partition. When he emerged he was wearing cloth trousers like hers, a black shirt that buttoned up all the way and knee high leather boots. 
"Now that's settled go and have a few drinks" Anne laughed.
"I'm going to need some fresh air first though" Ireth said as she started making her way downstairs, either hand on the wall to guide herself. 
"You three go and have a drink, I'll be here to watch over Mary, when she wakes up I'll come and let you know" Anne smiled moving over to Mary's bed. All three nodded and made their way downstairs.

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