Stuck in a Game

Knights of the Old Republic FanFiction dedicated to my Favourite Character: Carth Onasi.

(For the Star Wars Competition)


2. Chapter Two: Hour 5

When they had returned, Carth looked like he could explode, and Re- No Jayden looked positively unimpressed with the situation. I shook my head with a sigh "What happened?" I asked them sitting up on the bed "And is there any place that a girl could get something to eat around here?" 

Both opened their mouths to say something, I held up my hand to stop them "Mysterious guy first, Orange Jacket second" 

Jayden sighed "We need to go down to the lower levels of Taris and find the gang that has Bastila, the Jedi and rescue her" 

I took in the information with a nod "Somehow I doubt Bastila would like to be rescued" I looked to Carth "Care to come to the Cantina with me and we can sort out your issues" 

I stood up and made my way to the door not giving him the time to answer, I raised my eyebrow at him "It wasn't a question, I need food, and I'm not leaving you both here to tear each other apart"

"Bu-" Carth opened his mouth to protest but stopped at the sound of his stomach grumbling and the look I was now giving him "Fine, but you're paying" 

I gave him a sly grin "Only if you buy me a drink" 

"Is that how it's going to work?" he gave me a small grin sticking out his hand "Deal" 

I took his hand and gave it a shake, both of us were completely unaware that Jayden was still in the room. I gave Carth a nod as I opened the door 
As we left I heard Jayden call out "Have fun on your date" 

I turned back to the open door and glared at Jayden opening my mouth the say something, I felt Carth place a hand over it "Why don't you go and find a way into the Understreets, instead of investing yourself into other people's lives" 

Before I could respond to anything Carth dragged me away from the door, I turned to him when we were standing outside on the street "Bu-"

"Let him think it's a date Sarah, make him jealous, he could use some damage to his ego,occured" Carth told me "And it's a good cover story if anyone asks" 

I nodded thinking very carefully over my next words "Cover story, okay, but this isn't a date unless you want it to be" 

Carth chuckled "Never been asked out before Senior Technician Prince?" 

I shook my head "No, I-I did it come out wrong, how I told you? I just wanted food, and company, mainly the food, and the fact that if you a Jayden were left together it would leave a trail of destruction" 

"Don't trust us not to get into trouble?" 

"I-I do trust you, I-" 

"Relax sweetheart, I was teasing you" 

"Did you just call me sweetheart?" I thought back to the interactions in the game and the replies that occurred when I played I decided against using those. 

"Would you prefer me to call you something else Gorgeous?" I glanced at Carth who was smirking 

"My name would be a start because if you continue with those names, I'll have to find one for you myself" 

Carth shook his head chuckling walking towards the cantina leaving me in a daze "Let's go get you some food, and I owe you a drink don't I?" 

Was he flirting with me? I shook it off not going to question anything with my terrible human interaction skills and being able to tell if anyone was flirting with me "I just want food" I muttered walking into the cantina 



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