Stuck in a Game

Knights of the Old Republic FanFiction dedicated to my Favourite Character: Carth Onasi.

(For the Star Wars Competition)


1. Chapter One: Hour 1


My day started out like this. As usual I would follow my normal routine of skipping breakfast and doing everything else I needed, then I would retreat into my room, avoiding all human contact, avoiding everything that wasn't the computer and my cup of tea. I soon found the Icon neatly nestled in the top left hand corner of my screen. I clicked on it ready to dive into the world of Knights of the Old Republic for a few hours, or more knowing myself so well, I should have been recording but I wasn’t, I had decided that this would be my game and my game alone. Almost instantly after I had made a new game as well as creating my character in the same format that I always did, everything was whirling around me, pulling me in, like a vortex full of stars. I landed with a thud in some place, but I must of hit my head, hard, as everything went dark, very suddenly and 

When I awoke I was aware of two concerned faces looking at me. I took a deep breath and blinked. I wasn't meant to be here. I was meant to be in my room, in front of my computer, losing myself to my game, escaping from reality. I couldn't be here, I couldn't be in this place. No, it wasn't  possible. It couldn't be, could it? I sat up and place a hand to my forehead, I couldn’t be on Taris, no it wasn't real, I would wake up and be at my computer screen, but it was morning when I started to play. 

“Are you okay?” one of them asked me, one whom I recognised by his signature orange jacket “You hit your head quite hard”

“What happened?” I replied with my own question that I was asking myself

The man chuckled “You must of hit it really hard then, you’re saying you don’t remember anything”

“Nothing, all I remember was hitting my head then darkness” I lied as during the past fourteen years since this game had come out, I had made a cover story, as well as a few fan fictions of one of the men standing before me. 

The man sighed “I’m Carth Onasi and this is Jayden Michael” Carth gestured to the other man in the room
“Sarah Prince” I replied giving my real name knowing there was no harm in doing so, my eyes soon fixed on the man called Jayden, I gave him a confused look, I never had played this game before as… well it didn’t matter, it would be interesting enough to see different interactions. 

“Sarah, you hit your head during the trip down here. We managed to get you out of the escape pod”

“I guess I owe you my life then” I replied with a small chuckle a grin appearing on my face

Carth raised his eyebrow with a smile on his face “It wasn't much, can you remember your position aboard the ship?”
I closed my eyes and racked my brain for an answer “I was senior technician”
Carth looked at Jayden whom I knew his real identity “She at least remembers her position, and she’s been unconscious longer than you” 

A small smile appeared on my face as Carth offered his hand out to me I took it gratefully as he pulled me to my feet. I suddenly felt light headed and stumbled into Carth trying to regain my balance. 

“Sorry” I apologised stepping away quickly blushing. I cursed my crush on him, through the years of playing the game, I could never hurt… I shook the thought out my mind, it was, well best not to dwell on the outside world but on the game instead, and hopefully not destroy the whole space time continuum, though considering it was a game but then that would be cheating. I cursed myself again willing not to think of this as a game, instead of thinking of my job and position, and a backstory… yes those were always fun. 

I soon snapped out of my trance by Re-no Jayden muttering something about supplies, which was strange, as… I glanced to Carth who was eyeing Jayden suspiciously. “I think that is a good idea, we need supplies, and information, if I recall correctly there is a hospital close to here, I think med-packs may be a good idea…” I stopped for a moment still feeling lightheaded “Yeah, we need them especially considering where we are” 

Carth looked at me for a moment his eyebrows furrowed “Maybe you should stay here, you don’t look that well, get some rest” he told me “And that’s an order” 

I turned to him giving him an exasperated look, I wanted to explore, I was on Taris and I wanted to see what it was like, until… “Fine” I muttered, “ wait wasn’t there that Jedi on the Endor Spire? hey I’m remembering more stuff”

Carth gave me a sympathetic smile, which made me blush “Get some rest” as they left the apartment I sunk onto the bed, realising that I was tired though, I never was on the escape pod, but they had saw me, maybe I had been on the pod. I lay back thinking that I had to figure out how I got here, but first the most important thing was to do what any good Female Revan would do, get on Carth Onasi’s nerve’s. After I laying awake for a while I realised why I was light-headed, I hadn't eaten, according to the game time, for a few days. I was definitely going to the cantina at some point, if I were allowed, I'd still go if I weren't.

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