Stereo Heart

Have you ever had a question you wish you could ask about someone? Whether it's your crush, your best friend, or someone of the opposite gender, you probably had a question. You probably thought it would be awkward or weird, but have no fear Stereo Heart is here!


6. Slytherinprincess16

Welcome back! The next question is from Slytherinprincess16! She has asked me to use Draco Malfoy for her question. Btw I hope it's okay if your nickname is princess! Let me know if you want something else!

Draco: Why are girls so emotional?

Me: Because we're stressed. We have to deal with school, work, friends, boys, parents, money, maturity pressure, and so much more. When you really think about it, it's amazing we survive the day with so much resting on our shoulders. Throw in our monthly visitor and we break down as easy as you can snap a twig.

I hope this answers you're question! Thanks for commenting! Chow for now my peep!


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