Stereo Heart

Have you ever had a question you wish you could ask about someone? Whether it's your crush, your best friend, or someone of the opposite gender, you probably had a question. You probably thought it would be awkward or weird, but have no fear Stereo Heart is here!


3. Dumbledore's daughter

Hi guys! The next question is from Dumbledore's daughter! I haven't come up with a nickname for you yet, so If you have one you'd like me to use let me know!

Dumbledore's daughter: why do girls spend so much time on their hair?

Me: Because we are most likely going someplace where our friends or boys will be. We want to be seen in a good light, so we spend time on our appearance. It also helps us look and feel more confident!

I hope you're satisfied with your answer! If I hear anything different I will add it! Thanks for commenting! Chow for now my peeps!


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