Stereo Heart

Have you ever had a question you wish you could ask about someone? Whether it's your crush, your best friend, or someone of the opposite gender, you probably had a question. You probably thought it would be awkward or weird, but have no fear Stereo Heart is here!


8. Abigail Potter

Hi guys welcome back! The next question is from Abi! She has asked me to use a character.

Tonks: How do you know if a boy likes you?

Me: Um.. Well there are a lot of little signs. You have to pay attention to the little things they do. I've always heard that if their pupils are dilated (big and wide) that's a sign. If you catch them staring at you that's really good! They will always want to make you feel better when you're upset. Seeing you happy and laughing will be one of their top priorities. I wish I could give you more. Try watching Dr Kimberly's video '20 signs he definitely likes you' she knows WAY more than me.

I'm so sorry I can't answer your question very well, but I hope that somewhat answers your question. If I need to I'll add more. Chow for now my peeps!


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