Not the normal love story

This as it states in not a normal love story between a demon and a hybrid angle/demon. What will happen when/if he betrays her. The main characters are Jaxon and Octavia. Hope you have fun reading my book! Also pay attention the the black butler pun's and based characters.


1. Chapter 1

Just a normal day.. Think again, my life is always abnormal. I’ve been hiding something for a while and no one knows including my mom. It’s really hard to hide it but, i have somehow accomplished hiding it from everyone, and i mean everyone. Only one person knows and that’s my best friend and she is kinda like me but, we have our differences. The only reason she knows is because i lost control at a bad time.

Only she will know. No one else i promise… I decide to get dressed in a nice black dress to help cover it up for today.. I get on the bus and everyone is questioning why i have a dress on and why it’s floor length. I didn’t tell anyone i just go on my normal routine until i get an uneasy feeling in my stomach, which i only get when someone like me is in the room. I don’t have my best friend in this class. I wonder who is making me feel like this. Next thing i notice someone standing in the doorway. He looked cute and i feel like i need to talk to him.

“Hey. Octavia can you get door?” My teacher demanded. I opened the door and i seen a little bit of a wing showing. “You might wanna hide that.” I whispered, pulling his sleeve down. “Umm.. Thanks?” He said looking at me questionably. I bring him into the class, i take my seat in the back all alone like always. I can see people drooling over him. Like really he’s not that cute, but that could just be that i know who he is, well what he is. If anyone finds about him, he’ll be in big trouble.  First class just ended and it sucks..

“Hey.” A raspy voice called out. I turn around and see that it was the new kid. “Hi. What’s up?” I said back smiling kinda showing a pair of fangs. I hide them as soon as i realized that they were showing. “Hey.. It’s okay. I have fangs too. There good to have around.” He lifted up his lip to show me his fangs. “Chill. Do you need a tour of the school i can show you around if needed.” He nodded and he handed me his schedule.. “You have almost every class with me.. I think they might know what you are.. They put you with me.” He smirked “I wanted to be with you. I asked to be with you.. JK!! My father told me about how this school have two people like me well, only one the other one is not one you wanna be friends with… But i think that you’re the good one.” I look down then i feel him get close to me.

Next thing i know he grabbed my wrist. “Listen to me.. Keep us a secret and never let one soul know. Including another like you.” I looked at him questionably waiting for him to explain what was going on. “What am I? Is it bad that i don’t even know who i am?” He looked at me and smiled, so i smile back. “Well it depends. What color wing’s do you have?” I was trying to remember.. “Umm.. Can i go to the bathroom and check?” He looked at me confused. “I can check for you. All i have to do is look down your dress in the back. I won’t try to look anywhere else i promise.” I pull my dress off. “I always wear a pair of shorts and a T-shirt under my dresses, but go ahead and check.” I felt him go behind me.. “Uhhh….. OH MY FUC*!!!” I turned around and see his jaw drop. “What is it?” He didn’t answer. A few minutes passed and he muttered something. “What was that again?” I tried to get him to say it again. I don’t think he will answer back. “You’re the one.. They have been looking for you.” ME?? THE ONE?? WTF IS GOING ON?? I was mentally freaking out. I managed to calmly ask “The one? Please explain.” I waited and again no response. “The one means that you’re the one they have been looking for and need to find you, and i mean that they have to.You might wanna hide it’s not for a good reason. The only way to prove it would be if i turned you in, but i’m not going to do that to you.” I smiled. “Thanks that means a lot, but let’s go get something to eat.” We leave the school. We keep walking until i get pulled away from Jaxson. “HELP!!!” I feel a hand over my mouth… Wait no a cloth. The last thing i remember seeing was Jaxson being hit in the head with a bat before a blacked out.

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