The haunted old mansion

This is a story that I wrote a long time ago that I just found, and thought people might find it funny


1. The Haunted Old Mansion.

Once apon a time, there was a very large and absolutely stunning town full of big houses and a huge mansion. In this town lived two men who were very good friends. Their names were John and Jack. Behind the mansion, there was a cemetery and a beautiful garden. Inside that garden was a scarecrow named Kelly.

John loved playing with the kids, and the kids loved playing with him! One day, John just disappeared. Everybody was startled. They couldn't figure out what had happened to him. Soon, the beautiful town became a gloomy place. Jack could not stand this!

One day, Jack decided he was going to find out what had happened to his friend. After months of nobody daring to go into the mansion, he went in, telling kids that he would be alright. When he went into the mansion, he heard something. Because he was hearing it, he said, "Wow! This sound is so cool."

But the only reason he said that was to keep himself from being scared. As soon as he said it, the sound got louder, as if it were coming closer to him! No matter how hard he tried to keep himself from being scared, he couldn't. He just kept getting more and more scared all the time.

The sound he was hearing was growing louder and louder. Pretty soon, he could tell what it was. It was the moan of a zombie, which got closer and closer until he could see see a little toy zombie coming him.

He chuckled, "it's just a toy," he said.

But the toy went toward him still. Soon, it got to him and bit him. Jack screamed in pain. When he screamed, he began to turn into a zombie. John showed himsel to Jack and told him that be sent the zombie after him so that once they had one more person, they could go out and haunt the town.

Soon, Kelly gained consciousness and broke loose from her pole. She heard talking inside the mansion, so she went in to see what was going on. When she got in the building, John and Jack said hello to her and called her by name. But she didn't know her name, so she said, "what's my name? And who am I?"

"Your name is Kelly," said John.

"Okay," said Kelly.

So once Kelly knew her name, John said, "Let's go haunt the town so I can play with kids again."

"Okay," said Jack and Kelly in unison.

They went outside and started to roam around the town. Because it was so dark, the children went to see if the Jack was out of the haunted old mansion. For once, he was out. He was out and roaming around the town. When they saw him, they asked "Jack! Did you find out what happened?"

"No," said Jack, but I found him. He's right here beside me." For some reason, Jack didn't look like a zombie, but he was.

They looked beside him and said, "John!"

Soon, they were running to jump on him like thy used to, but when jumped (his arms open wide to catch them) they just went right through him. They gasped for breath. Because of where they hit when they landed, it took their breath away. "I'm sorry kids, but I just can't hold you anymore," John said sadly. "I wish I could. You are such awesome kids!" John continued, "but here is what I have to say about my mysterious disappearance.

"I was playing with you like usual, and I started to feel tired so I went inside. When I got in there, something grabbed me! But who was it that grabbed me? Well, I don't really know because I don't remember much since my death." The children listened in silent awe as John continued. Although I have lost my memory, I am getting some of it back little by little. Let me see, it was a big ghost that grabbed me. I tried to yell for help but it gagged me with something. The ghost then proceeded to tie me up and put some bed sheets around my neck. Soon, I was being strangled to death. So here I am now, a weightless ghost, unable to hold you wonderful children," he finished sadly.

Soon, the kids weren't as interested in the story going on, so they looked at john, then at Jack, then at Kelly.

Gunally they asked, "Who's that?" Pointing at Kelly.

"that's Kelly," John said, "my scarecrow. I built her. She somehow broke from her pole, and is here now."

The children adored her! She asked John if it was really true. "Absolutely! Every word," John said.

"I'm glad we're here together. It was lonely in that garden. All I had for a friend was the crows. Kelly said.

"Have you guys forgotten about the kids?" Jack asked.

"Absolutely not!" John and Kelly said in unison. "How could we forget about the children?" John asked a bit too loudly.

Soon, they said that they would be missed back home if they didn't leave.

"Who would miss you back home?" Asked one of the kids.

"Well," said John, "the big ghost was my wife. She's not really that big, but she just made herself big so that I wouldn't recognize her."

"Wow!" Said the kids, " I didn't know a ghost could do that!"

"Goodbye kids," they said as they left for the mansion. When they arrived, John's wife had just finished a batch of cookies and was heading out the door to give them to the kids.


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