Miana's new life

This is a full book, but I only have like five pages, so enjoy.


3. The last time

“MIANA! Come on, wake up! You have to wake up.” I heard sobbing and a gasp as I stired. “Ow, why does my back hurt?” I turned my head very slightly and saw beautiful dove white wings. I felt my eyes widen and I started hyperventilating. “Breathe Miana. This usually happens when you fall for a devil, especially when you’re an angel. But no one has passed out because of it, I thought that you had died!” I looked at him and felt the tears threaten to spill out from my lids. “Maybe I should have.” I whispered with a tremble in my voice. I had just let out the biggest secret I held to my heart ever since mommy had told me that daddy wasn’t really my daddy, that my daddy had come from heaven and helped her make me. I walked out of the room and got all my stuff packed up just as I heard the scream. I don’t remember how it happened, but I was back in his room just in time to see him punch the wall. “Hey! What’s wrong?” He looked at me and I saw the tears. I looked down, my own tears threatening to spill. I was about to tell him to stop when, all of a sudden, he hit the ground. I saw the blood flowing out of his wrists and I ran to him. I dropped on my knees and grabbed his wrists, trying to stop the blood. “You idiot! Why would you do this?! Don’t leave me!” All I could do was scream, not thinking about a phone until he looked in my eyes. I called 911 and told them what they needed to know, but I knew they wouldn’t make it in time. I might only have been here a day, but I knew him. He was mine and I was his. We already knew each other from childhood, but I only realized that know. “Please don’t leave me.” I choked out. “Please, don’t cry. I will love you and I will never leave you. Not even when I die. I will wait for you, okay?” I nodded, feeling his life slip through my fingers. “I love you Chandler.” He watched me, pulling me down for one last kiss before he took his last breathe. When the paramedics got there, I was in a daze. It all went by in a blur. “Miss? I’m so sorry. He’s dead.” I just nodded, feeling numb.

(end of flashback)

I grabbed up the blade from my nightstand and walked upstairs to his room. It had been nearly four months, and I had attended his funeral. All of it just hurt too much. All of the people crying, asking why did this have to happen. They all blamed me, and I knew it. So why not end this. I knew he would be waiting for me, so why make him wait longer. I sat on his bed and cried. “I love you so much, so I’m doing this for you.” I smiled through my tears and made the swipe, one on each wrist. “We’ll be together soon Chan, I promise.” And with that, my life play ended on a loving page. I know I’ll see him soon. And so will our child. I hope he loves her.

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