Miana's new life

This is a full book, but I only have like five pages, so enjoy.


1. her beginning

“And who might you be?” It was friday and we were finishing the auditions for a play at my school, and I was wanting to be the snooty lady. “I am Lilith, and I have come to take your soul.” I gasped on que and the next thing I know, “CUT!”, we had to go home. I was grabbing my bag when this girl Justine walked up to me. “Do you have any takers yet?” I looked up, “No, not yet.” She was talking about me getting adopted, but I didn’t seem to be wanted. I thought about how many problems I had as I walked home and realized that one stood out, I wasn’t wanted because of the issue I had mentally. When I walked through the door, Ms. Amanda told me to get packed up. “Why?” She looked at me with an are you serious? face. “You are going to a new house, Miana”. I just looked at her like she was stupid. She started to push me up the stairs, and all I could do was stumble up them. I walked into my room and saw three suitcases sitting wide open with a very hot boy, or should I say man, sitting on my bed. “Who are you and what are you doing in my room?” He looked up and smiled. “I’m Chandler, I’m adopting you.” He was sweet, but he looked a little young, so I asked him, “How old are you?” He chuckled a little and walked up to me, grabbing my hand. “I am eighteen,” he said with an evil smile, kissing my palm. I gasped and chuckled nervously while packing. “So, why do you want me?” He looked around before answering. “We need someone new on The Walking Dead.” I hated TWD. It could all be explained by science, and there were so many TWD memes about the death of Glenn that it was almost hateful. “So, what does that have to do with me? Can’t you just cast the new part?” He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me. I looked down and got back to packing. When I looked up, I had to fight to breathe. He was so close to me that it was unreal. When he leaned closer, I thought he was going to kiss me, but all he did was take two of the three bags that I had packed. “Come on, we have a long drive if we want to get to California soon.” I looked around for one last time before picking up my last bag and closing my door for the last time. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, one of the younger girls came running up to me. “Are you really leaving us,” she asked me in a tiny voice. All I could do was nod my head and walk out the door, trying to get her off of me. I looked up and begged with my eyes for Ms. Amanda to pull her off. “Emily, don’t you have schoolwork to do?” She nodded towards Ms. Amanda and ran back inside, crying. “Go on, she’ll be alright just behave so that I don’t have to see you end up on the streets like some of the other girls.” I smiled through my tears and gave her one last hug. I climbed in the truck and buckled up, Chandler rubbing my shoulder. “She’ll be good, I promise,” he called out to her as we started off. “Get some sleep, it’ll be a long drive to California from Florida.” I nodded and fell into the best sleep ever.


I woke up when we were halfway to Cali, and I noticed that my favorite song was on, so I started singing:

Little do you know                                                                                                                        

How I'm breaking while you fall asleep

Little do you know                                                                                                                                      

I'm still haunted by the memory                                                

Little do you know                                                                                                                          

  I'm trying to pick myself up piece by piece…

I noticed that he was watching me, so I stopped singing and I just looked over at him. When he saw that I was looking, he quickly glanced away, a slight blush creeping up his neck. When I saw this I giggled, which, in turn, made him blush even more until he looked like a tomato. “Hey, don’t laugh. I just thought you have a great voice that’s all.” I immediately stopped giggling and I sat there, stunned. I looked down and thought about how much he wouldn’t like any of me soon. “So, have you always had a beautiful voice, or is that something new,” He asked me after an hour of awkward silence. “No, I’ve always had this voice, I just don’t usually sing in front of other people.” I knew that I was rambling on, but he was easy to talk to. I just so happened to looked out the window and saw a semi cruising next to us, and I started to hyperventilate. When he saw this, he was immediately worried. “What’s wrong?! Miana?” I started shaking, so I reached into my bookbag for my anxiety pills. I tried to grab the dosage that I needed, but I was shaking too much. “I-I-I need m-m-my pills.” I was whispering because I couldn’t breathe. He pulled over and got out two for me, along with a bottle of water. “Drink. Why don’t you tell me what made this happen, okay?” I nodded and started to explain about my mothers head on collision with my father's semi. “And the thing is, he did it on purpose because he didn’t like her friends. When she tried to leave, h-h-he killed h-h-her.” By this time, I was crying so much that I was stuttering. When I finished telling him, he pulled me into a hug. “I’m so sorry that you had to go through that.” I squeezed him tightly for comfort. By the time we got back on the road, I was in the middle seat, right next to him.

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