Miana's new life

This is a full book, but I only have like five pages, so enjoy.


4. Authors note

I know that this was a short fanfic (also sad, sorry). I wrote this for a reason. The point of this story was to show how much a person can love and hurt when they have a suicidal lover. I had a best friend almost die because she cut. I fell in love with her and when I found out about her cutting, I cried. I almost killed myself, but she told me to hold on as long as I could. So far it’s worked, but if I would have to go through this, I would resort to killing myself. I lost my grandma, and that almost killed me. I know have bipolar depression, so I can’t go over the edge, otherwise I would kill myself. If you have anyone that you love so much you would rather die than be without, them keep them close and protect them. Thanks for reading.

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