The Chosen Ones Destiny

Dusk settled into its calm retune over the capital plaint of Coruscant. An orange glow lite the high chamber of the ancient Jedi temple. Anakin sat in the council room, deep in thought. What was happening to him? What if Anakin never became Darth Vader? What if Padmé never died? And what if Obi-Wan knew about them all along? Read more to find out! P.S. I'm better at writing than I am at descriptions. I OWN NOTHING. THE CHARACTERS AND NAMES USED IN THE MAKIBG OF THIS STORY ARE FICTIONAL. ALL RIGHTS GO TO GEORGE LUCAS AND DISNEY.


1. The Path Between The Light And The Dark

A young and nervous Jedi knight stood in the circle of the Jedi council of Gand Masters. He had tall stance, with blonde waving hair and bright blue eyes that reflected the inner conflict of his soul. He looked to the ground and seemed to be in a trace. The other masters spoke among themselves and argued over the situation. It most certainly had been a eventful few days for them all.  The Jedi continued to stare at the floor and recounted the events of the past few days. 

Two days Earlier:

Dusk settled into its calm retune over the capital plaint of Coruscant. An orange glow lite the high chamber of the ancient Jedi temple. Anakin sat in the council room, deep in thought. What was happening to him? Today he had discovered the identity of Sith. Even with bribery and promises to save Padme from the dark dreams of Anakin, he still remained determined to do the right thing, turn him over. Flashing back to events of but a few hours before, he thought about everything in detail. 

"The dark side of the force is a pathway to achieving many powerful things."  The chancellor said in a low and dark tone. Anakin raised his head into a upright position and looked at him in confusion. Not a moment later, the Jedi knight was quick to unclip his lightsaber and ignite it. The blue blade glowed lightly as he held it close to the chancellors neck. 

"You're the Sith Lord!"  Anakin said angrily. 

"Yes. Yes," Palpatine said in low whisper. "I can feel you anger! I can feel your hate! Let it consume you, let it drive out the light!" He said with Are you going to kill me?" He asked through grinning teeth. 

"I would certainly like to!" Anakin said. With every word he struggled to stay his arm from slicing the dark lords neck. 

"Then you had better do it. But know, that if you kill me, any chance of saving your wife will lost." Through it all, Sidious remanded clam and collected. Anakin was growing more furious by the moment. 'How does he know about Padmé?!' He thought. 

"What are you talking about?" He asked. 

"I know. I know about your wife, Padme. I know about the child. And the dreams."

The young Jedi lowered his weapon, speeches. "I'm going to turn you over. Your reign is at an end, my lord!" He said closing lightsaber and returning it to his belt. As he left the room, he heard the chancellor say something on a low voice. 

"Good. Good. Go, now. Fulfill your destiny!" 

Rushing to his speeder, Anakin 
Flew as fast as he could to the temple. He landed in the hanger bay and went straight to looking for Mace Windu, one the grand masters of the order. It didn't take long. Master Windu was already there in hanger bay 2 discussing plans with other Jedi. Anakin quickly walked up to him. 

"Skywalker," he said the moment he caught sight of him approaching. "Obi-Wan has just contacted us, he has defeated General Grievous. The war is over. I am taking a few Jedi now to alert the chancellor and demand that he restore immediate emergency power to the senate." 

"I'm afraid he won't relinquish his power without a fight." Anakin said. "I've just learned a terrible truth. I think chancellor Plapatine is the Sith Lord we have been looking for."

Mace Windu looked at the young knight with confusion and surprise. "How did you come by this knowledge?"

"He revealed himself to me and tried to turn me to the dark side." Anakin looked to the grand master for recognition of his report. 

"Then if the Jedi are to survive, we must act quickly!" Mace began talking to the senior Knights, forming a plan of action. As they turned to leave, Anakin grabbed hold of Windus arm. 

"Master, I'm coming with you," he said. "You will need my help, the Sith is too powerful."

"No, stay here! If what you say is true, then you will have gained my trust." Mace resumed walking to the hover craft. "Wait in the council chambers until we return!" He called back.

Reluctantly, Anakin went to council and took at seat. It wasn't long before thoughts filled his mind. Had he done the right thing? Should he go and save the evil chancellor from a fate worse then death? Poor Anakin was being tormented. His loyalties were being tested. In one hand he believed he held the fate of wife and child. In the other, the fate of the entire galaxy. What was he going to do? He rose from his seat walked to the window and looked out the direction his apartment and to Padme, the love of his life. A moment later he made his decision, Padme was worth plunging into the Dark Side. Even if it meant that he might never get to see her again. He heard footsteps approaching from the hall outside. He the knew the step well, very well. The tread was heavy and he knew that if wanted to leave, he had to do it now. But as he was walking out of the door he ran into an old friend. 

"Obi-Wan!" He said surprised. Attempting to push his way past his old master, he raised his hood and continued to walk. But his master sensed that something was amiss. He placed a firm hand on his old apprentices chest, stopping him dead in his tracks. 

"Where do you think your going?" He asked resuming his old Masters voice. 

"Obi-Wan! I must go! Let me pass!" Anakin protested fiercely. 

"I sense anger, fear, and a great deal of hate in you, Anakin. Now as your friend, and your master, I demand that you tell what's going on! I just arrived back from Utapau to find my old apprentice in a fit of rage! If anything, I thought you would be celebrating! After all, the war is over!"

Anakin grew red in the face. "Obi-Wan, let me pass! Or I will fight you!" He said reaching for his lightsaber. Anakin was quick, but not as quick as his old master! Master Kenobi quickly used the force to restrain Anakin against the wall of the council chamber and disarmed him of his saber. 

"Now Anakin, I shall ask once again! What is going on?" 

Anakin struggled to free himself, but it was useless. Obi-Wan had him cornered. He gasped and let out a few words. " save... Padmé!" He choked. 

"What?!" Obi-Wan asked in confusion. 

Again the Jedi gasped to fill his lungs with air. "She will die!! Please let me go!" 

"Not until you explain to me what's going on! Anakin, I'll make it very clear, you won't get your lightsaber back until you do!"

Anakin nodded his head in acceptance. But just to be sure, Obi-Wan placed handcuffs on Anakin and sealed all the doors tightly. Sitting down in their chairs, Anakin began telling the story. 

"Master, I've broken the Jedi rules."

"Tell me something I don't already know, Anakin." Obi-Wan said. 

"No, you don't understand! Padmé and I were married secretly three years ago. Now, she is pregnant with my child. That's not all, I've been having dreams, like the ones I had about my mother, just before she died. Only in these dreams, Padmé dies in child birth. I can't lose her! I can't live without her. I don't care what happens to me, just as long as she's safe!" Anakin said burying his face in his hands.

Obi-Wan placed his hand on Anakin's shoulder. "Anakin, I know." He said calmly. The Jedi knight raised his head. 

"What?" He asked in confusion.

"I've known for some time about you and Padmé. I never revealed it to you, because I feared you would become nervous that I would expose you. Do you think that you would've have been able to keep your secret from me for long? I found out quite soon after you marriage." He said. "But this doesn't explain what is really going on around here."

"It's the chancellor, he's the Sith Lord the Jedi has been after. He tried to turn me to the dark side by saying he could save Padmé. I don't what to do! Master Windu is there now and I'm lost."

"You say in these dreams, you see Padmé dying?" His master questioned. 

"Yes." He answered truthfully.

The older Jedi thought for a moment before returning his attention to Anakin. "Don't you see?" He said. "The dreams were planted in your mind by Darth Sidious. He knows your the Chosen One and as long as there is good in you, he knows his time is short lived. But, by turning you to the dark side, he is ensuring his reign for many years to come!" 

"What about Padmé?" Anakin asked. 

"She was never in real danger, but if you were to turn to the dark side, her life would truly have been placed in great peril. And by none other then yourself. The darkness would have blinded you. In the end, you wouldn't have been able to see clearly. You would have mortality hurt her, or worse, you would have killed her, and your child along with her. If not, Darth Sidious would make sure baby and Padmé never survived, thus ensuring the surrendering of your complete will to his. In short, you have have become his prisoner." 

Anakin looked to the ground. "It was all lies..." he whispered to himself. "All lies!" Using the force, he called to his saber. It came right to his hand, igniting it, he sliced though the cuffs that confined him. Anakin rose and reached out his hand to his old master. "We have a Sith to destroy, master! You coming?"

Obi-Wan grind and stood up. "Do you think I'll let go without me?" He asked. Together master and apprentice made their way to the Chancellors office. 

"Anakin? Anakin? Skywalker?!" Mace Windu called out. Anakin snapped out of his trance. 

"Yes, master?" 

"The council has reached a decision. Your actions, all though irrational, has saved us all! The Jedi Council and The Galactic Senate of the Republic are eternally indebted to you, Skywalker!"

"Thank you Master!" Anakin said with a low bow.

"Proven yourself, you have!" Yoda spoke up. "Worthy, you are! The rank of Master Jedi, we bestow to you!" 

Hey guys! So what do you think? Good? Bad? All I have to say is that I am super excited to write this book. It's gonna be awesome. I hope you enjoy! More chapters coming soon!

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