five nights at freddys one shot

this is for the one shot compitition


1. The guards

Chica was peeking through the corridors, looking for the night guard that had called her fat. Freddy was helping her and so was Bonnie. "Where is that stupid bitch? She wants to be big and bad, by all means, go ahead. But she called me fat!" The night guard looked on the camera and screamed, notifying the anamatronics of her location. "This way guys!" Chica called out. When they got there, they saw the most terrifying sight. The previous night guards where all dancing! They anamatronics stopped and stared, not sure what to do. Eventually, they gave up and burst into laughter. When the dance stopped, they all had some pizza. "So you do realize that we have to kill you now, right?" The night guards all looked at each other and ran, thus starting an endless match of hide and seek.

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