The way she see's

Catherine is a young woman with a normal life, or so she thinks. Soon she will realize that there are secrets too deadly to keep. Will she live through these hard times? Read to find out! ;3 (The Infernal Devices)


1. The beginning

The old couple were walking past the old church, not noticing anything different. They had been past here for the past couple months, following the same routine each time. They thought they heard screaming, but it must have been the wind. They kept walking, all the while not even realizing what was going on inside of the “old church”.


She was ready for her child to come into the world. She had been in labor for over three hours now, and the entire process was hurting her more than it should have. She didn’t want anyone else in the institute to realize that she was ready for birth. She was already on her way to becoming mundane, so why should they know about her baby being born. They would only shun the poor thing, so why not have this child in secret. She felt ready to push, but she didn’t want the others to hear her screams, so she covered her mouth. The screams were still too loud for her to hide. “Ms. Emilia, are you alright in there?” She only screamed in response. The head nurse burst into the room, gasping in shock. “Ms. Emilia! Hold on dear, i’ll go get what we need for this baby.” She shook her head, but it didn’t matter. She was almost ready to push, and she thought that she would die from the pain. The nurse came back with three others to help, and after two more hours, they welcomed little Irene into the world. “Oh, my baby, my little Catherine. You are going to make something for yourself in this world, and I pray to god that you survive to reap your rewards.” Emilia knew that she was going to die, but she hoped that her baby would live long enough to hear about her mother's short life, for she was only nineteen, and she prayed that her daughter wouldn’t be thrown out because of her mother’s deeds. She finally breathed her last breath at ten am.

“Mrs. Jessica, can I please go outside now?” I had just turned seventeen, but from the way that everyone treated me, I could be just on the edge of five. My nurse looked over at me, smiling in that way that I knew would be a no, but she shocked me. “Go ahead, but be back by five. Understand?” I nodded eagerly, just wanting freedom. I walked out the door with my parasol, waving at anyone in sight just to be friendly. I walked past the church and out to Westminster Abbey, just to say hi to the sweet nuns. I got to the gate and stopped. My best friend Maria was standing inside of the gate, but we always stopped outside of the gate. “Maria, what are you doing in there? We aren’t supposed to be in there.” As soon as I said this, I was attacked. She had jumped over the fence and was biting me. I couldn't move, but she was hit. I looked up to see her folding in on herself and a handsome boy standing above me. "Who are you?" I whispered before the toxins took over.

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