Broken Code

A story about a Odyssia a Cathar Jedi who goes through life from Padawan to Jedi realizing that binge a Jedi with her past is not as easy as it sounds, and that even the Jedi can be unforgiving.

This is an alternate timeline Starwars were order 66 failed and the most Jedi survived, Palpatine was executed for his crimes and Anakin left the Order shortly after Amidalla gave birth to the twins to live with his family.


1. This is my Story

The past is not something we should linger in the past, one shall learn from it and move one. But how can I do that? how can I just move one when I constantly remember my past? when the once who tell me not to linger are the once who force me to linger? How can I follow a code that everyone around em force me to break? how can I believe in a counsel that does not believe in me? They refused me the trials for years, I saw others both younger and less skilled pass from padawan to Jedi. And yet I who have trained for years and is already at a level where my master can teach em nothing more was held back for so long? true I earned my place, got my rank and stood tall but not proud. I was humble and peaceful, unlike others who were proud. But as years passed and the right time came for me to teach on I was denied... yet again I was denied the chance to teach on my knowledge to a padawan of my own. I was kept from helping raise the next generation. And despite my best efforts anger grew in me, an anger towards not only the present but the past as well. For I know why I am not trusted know why they refuse to trust me. But it matters little now... now I serve where I am appreciated where I am needed and where I can grow strong by my anger. I know that when I am DarthFerra I am at my most appreciated. And yet there is one thing left that must be erased one thing left that tie me to the blasted light, but for you to understand you must know my whole story. Know how I was stolen from my parents and given to the Jedi.

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