Broken Code

A story about a Odyssia a Cathar Jedi who goes through life from Padawan to Jedi realizing that binge a Jedi with her past is not as easy as it sounds, and that even the Jedi can be unforgiving.

This is an alternate timeline Starwars were order 66 failed and the most Jedi survived, Palpatine was executed for his crimes and Anakin left the Order shortly after Amidalla gave birth to the twins to live with his family.


2. The stole Child

The apprentice moved swiftly through the busy streets, the nightlife with all its shady types had opened its ugly mouth and was now swallowing the streets of Coruscant in its foggy breath. The red skinned Twi'leg moved swiftly the young infant on her arm let out soft cries as it turned in its sleep. Many could easily mistake the fleeing woman for a slave and her child but there were something much more sinister to the red skinned woman than that. Asir, a former Sith apprentice now at her weary last doing she had stolen the child of the high sith DarthPerth and his mate Countess Seran who also served as a sith lord. And with every hurried step, she felt the fear of a bullet to her head, a sniper somewhere. She knew they were there knew that the Sith would never accept the disappearance of such a force sensitive child. And even if they were in the heart of the Republic she knew it was only a matter of time. She had to find him, her contact if she did not she be dead and the child would grow up knowing only the cruelty of the Sith code.


Finally, the cloaked man came into sight standing aginst a wall, clearly resting as his eyes seemed closed and stance was relaxed. "Master Jin" She spoke as soon as she was with in his hearing range and the man whom she could now see fully looked old, his beard was gray and age lines was cut into his face. "Young one? I see its true then the? the omen have been born" The apprentice nodded and the man, a Jedi master spoke again "Take it far away it can never learn about the force, can never become the strongest of them cause if it does there is no Jedi who will hold enough power to defeat it" The Jedi looked at the woman with worry in hs eyes "I can't.... I am binge followed if I take her, they bring ehr back to her parents. You have to take her, you have to teach her as a Jedi if she follows the light she can't possibly become the strongest sith to ever live." The woman said panic written in her voice she held out the child placing it in the Jedis arms. "But..." the Jedi began before the woman cut him off "I would rais her if I could, but I can't. I lead by followers away from her, and hopefully, the galaxy will be safe." With that, she ran off leaving the man with an infant and a final disapproving huff before he left heading off towards the temple. 

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