Broken Code

A story about a Odyssia a Cathar Jedi who goes through life from Padawan to Jedi realizing that binge a Jedi with her past is not as easy as it sounds, and that even the Jedi can be unforgiving.

This is an alternate timeline Starwars were order 66 failed and the most Jedi survived, Palpatine was executed for his crimes and Anakin left the Order shortly after Amidalla gave birth to the twins to live with his family.


3. Farewel for i must go

Odyssia walked to the edge of the sandy beach, water sprayed up only just barely reaching her. She remembered when she was young, the big blue ocean of Ahch-To always seemed scary to her. The waves, the water and the deep, it always made shrouded her in fear. But as she grew she learned that fear was something she needs to let go off, as it was the path to the dark side. Sp now she stood by the waves as she walked out the cold water lapping at her legs until she stood in water to bust her fur and clothing soaked. With a deep breath and one last look at the reddening morning sky she pulled the goggles over her eyes and dived. She grown quite use to the water over time, true she was not as adept as some of the temples other younglings. But she no longer feared the deep, not the water.  Instead she welcomed it peaceful silence, which always appeared to be not so silenced after all. After a short while she pulled herself back to the surface turning to look back to the shore, she wasn't that far out. She had gone father, but binge on her won she decided to return to the shore

As she stood on the sand she felt how the cold morning air blew aginst her wet fur and clothing. Spring was a season of changing weather and the time for her 18 birthday. In the beginning, she had been angry, sad and confused. She seen her classmates and friends take and pass the trials seen them become Padawan while she had to remain in the temple. But now it was her turn she passed the trials two months ago, complications resulting in that she had yet to start her training with her master. Master Jin, the man who had brought her to the ocean planet was also the one who had been named her Master but doing a space battle in the out rim the republic fleet had lost many men including Master Jin. and it appeared that finding her a new master was not as easy as she had thought. However a few days ago it had been decided that a man named, Aslak Ter. With the cold wind blowing aginst her body she walked back to the temple heading off to the area where her sleeping quarters were located.

"Ody, Ody, Ody!" a small female voice sounded as she turned around a corner and from one of the rooms a Tholothians girl came running out from one the sleeping courters. "Hey Seia, what's wrong?" Odyssia asked her vivid blue eyes landing on the girl. "Are you really leaving today?" she asked hesitation easily found in the young girl's voice and Odyssia smiled softly "yeah I be leaving in a few houres and heading off to Tatooine, it seems that Master Aslak Ter can't leave the planet due to ongoing separatist attacks," Odyssia said as she placed her hand on the younger girl's shoulder. "But you can't!" the youngling said eyes defiant causing Ody to laugh "come now spitfire, I need to go. We are to become Jedis and help protect the galaxy from the darkness. We got a job to do, just because Emperor Palpatine got destroyed ages ago doesn't mean the war is over" Ody smiled as she pulled the girl along entering one of the shared sleeping courters. "but who is supposed to help me with getting a hang of the force if you leave? I will never learn it never be as good as you if you can't help me" the youngling sniffled tears filling her eyes. "Don't be foolish, you make a great Jedi you just wait and see," Ody said and the youngling nodded "kay" she mumbled before pulling Ody into a hug. "I gotta get ready, Tatooine is a desert planet so no more water for a while." Ody pushed the girl away softly "won't you miss it? the ocean?" the youngling asked making Ody laugh "honestly no, I can't wait to get away from it" Odys words caused both of them to laugh.  

As Odyssia stood in the hanger her fur smelling of salt water normally she bath after swimming not a big fan of reking on salt all day. But today she did not mind, the scent would remind her of this place her home for the last 15 years. She fumbled a bit with padawan braid before she looked up as a voice spoke "We are living soon better get going" the clone trooper looked at her his helmet removed, a rule since the field order 66 that all close most remove their helmet when near a temple shoving of the scare were the chip had been removed. "Yeah sure" Ody asked as she got on her chosen clothing light as the standard padawan clothing was not something she favored wearing and she be hot enough as it was with all her fur once they arrived at Tatooine. And before she knew it the ship set off and went up, up and up until the planet was but a blue ball under them, and once she was on the cruiser she could do nothing but stare at the blue ball. Had she really lived there all her life? "Its small form out here isn't it" a woman's voice sounded from behind her. The woman was human her dark nut brown eyes and black hair cut short and a few age lines had slowly started forming on her face. "yes it is master" Ody replied, "oh sorry I'm Master Soral and you are Odyssia right?" Soral asked her voice warm and caring, probably what others meant when they talked about the voice of a mother "yeah I am" Ody replied with a small smile.    


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