One Sentence

Give me one sentence and I'll give you a short story based around, and containing, that sentence.
All I need is one sentence
Any sentence

CAUTION: this is green but there's a bit of cursing in a few of these. Nothing too traumatic but it's there all the same

A/N: I haven't seen this around anywhere so if you get the idea/inspiration to do this or something of the like from this credit me please and thanks


7. The Light and the Dark, That's What I Am.

(Request from picsart user weepingpainter)
Also quite blurby

"There are two different ways to see things in life." My uncle said, "You are either of the dark or the light and there is no in between. You-" he started with a prideful smirk I wanted to slap off his face, "-are of the Light family. Even speaking with those of the Dark is frowned upon." I rolled my eyes in response.

My mother's family said the same thing, except....differently....

"Young lady. You are of the Dark household. You do not affiliate yourself with those," my grandmother reared back like she was going to spit, "Lights." She said it like she was spitting too. I wondered what they would say if they knew. Light and Dark, that's what I am.

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