One Sentence

Give me one sentence and I'll give you a short story based around, and containing, that sentence.
All I need is one sentence
Any sentence

CAUTION: this is green but there's a bit of cursing in a few of these. Nothing too traumatic but it's there all the same

A/N: I haven't seen this around anywhere so if you get the idea/inspiration to do this or something of the like from this credit me please and thanks


8. The Boy Next Door

(Requested by  picsart user casper41103)
Goodness the majority of these are blurbs

Her job sucked. Well, she thought so until she met him. The boy next door.

He had jet black quiffed up hair and a leather jacket that she couldnt forget.

Once she got up the nerve to talk to him she set her plan in motion.

Their friendship seemed to blossom, but it was all an act. Everything she said and did to, and for him, was a calculated move.

When the time came to set her plan into motion she realized just what she was up against.

He simply shrugged looking down at her as she laid on the ground trying to catch her breath.

That was it. She lost. To the boy next door.

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