One Sentence

Give me one sentence and I'll give you a short story based around, and containing, that sentence.
All I need is one sentence
Any sentence

CAUTION: this is green but there's a bit of cursing in a few of these. Nothing too traumatic but it's there all the same

A/N: I haven't seen this around anywhere so if you get the idea/inspiration to do this or something of the like from this credit me please and thanks


11. The best time of her life was when the world ended.

The end of the world varies for people. For some its a terrible time. For others its the most euphoric moment they will ever experience. But for most its just another day. And that's how it seemed it would be for the main protagonist of this story.

When she woke up on her second to last day she had just prepared herself and her mistress for breakfast. The day went as usual. She served the royal family as she did every day. She tended to her mistress' horses, cleaned and mended her clothes, and generally tidied up around the room. When lunch came around she went down to the kitchens for something to eat. As she picked through the food laying around for the noble people she herself ate. After taking the lunch to the young Lady she was given the rest of the day off. With her newfound spare time she made her way back to her home across town. Along the way she stopped at a few small shops that lined the streets. 

She began feeling ill but thought nothing of it. It was after all her duty to look after the young princess. 

The next day she was even worse than the day before. Her head was spinning, her palms sweating. She felt she was about to pass out at any given moment.

She sat down to take a breath when she suddenly began wildly hallucinating. She saw the heavens open up. The world slowed to a near stop. Everything was right with the world but at the same time everything was wrong. She felt the pain and anguish of the world, she felt the happy moments, and the sad. She saw what her life was supposed to be, and she saw what it could never be.

In that moment she saw Clarity. Not many saw this. The physical Clarity that resided only amongst the select few. Clarity showed her her past, her future, and her present.

Of course the future Clarity let her have could never happen. She knew these were her last few moments but she held on and knew what she saw not many others got to see.

Had she known the best time of her life was when the world ended she would've hurried it along before. She braced herself as she came to the end of her timeline.

This was it. The end.

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