One Sentence

Give me one sentence and I'll give you a short story based around, and containing, that sentence.
All I need is one sentence
Any sentence

CAUTION: this is green but there's a bit of cursing in a few of these. Nothing too traumatic but it's there all the same

A/N: I haven't seen this around anywhere so if you get the idea/inspiration to do this or something of the like from this credit me please and thanks


19. How many times do I have to tell you noT TO DO THAT?!

Requested by @thelegocantina

‘I am in deep trouble.

As I look down at the blinking call button I remember that I’m not even supposed to be here, and yet my elbow had to go pushing the emergency call button. I can practically hear the footsteps of them approaching. I know my life is coming to an end.

I was to be the last carrier of the Stone.’

The fuzzy message ran out to the sounds of blasting and firing of their high tech weaponry. My business partner smacked the top of the screen to try to fix the video quality.

“How many times do I have to tell you noT TO DO THAT?!” I asked hitting his arm. He shrugged and went back to the console. Someone had to start the ship. I slowly reached into my pocket and rubbed my hand over the Stone.

“I will find out what you do.”

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