Grasping the Sky

Humans are destined to die someday, to be inanimate and lifeless where we have no experience whatsoever with these type of topics. Before any of these, what would we like to do? Simply wait our days of departing? Or choose to fully enjoy our life? Humans are born with natural talents that helps and sometimes guarantee survival based on their usefulness. However, this tale is about those who do not have them.


16. "Weak" Taming

Recording information became my new hobby. After defeating the bird in less than ten seconds, I stood by the edge of the sand stone, writing in my notebook while waiting for the bird to wake up. [Colossal Crow: Despite its bones as hard as a compressed concrete, its actually lightweight enough to fly through skies. Its feathers are razor sharp and from simple swing, it can create same result as helicopter landing.] "Done!" I finished. Looking at the bird's condition, it did not seem as if it was going to take another minute for it to awake. How did I not cause much damage and yet this monster fainted? I dilated the size of my dragon like aura and threatened it with the immense pressure it emitted. I nicknamed this technique as "Gaze". "Krraaaa" The crow woke up. On the second time it glared at me, it immediately gave up and sent me sign of ownership. I, without single hesitance, jumped on his back and it flew around the direction that I wanted to. It would take me less than tomorrow for me to alive into the forest.


"What are you doing? We have to finish by today!" my boss Calvin screamed directly at my ears. The place that we are in is called Elden Forest, its the world where we magicians live in. Our society depends heavily on our "magical" ability that we have almost stopped improving our standards by ourselves. Some of us possess ability to accelerate human recovery speed, some people have ability to store items on self made dimensions, and it depends on personal ability. My name is Dagar, and I am considered as immigrant in this society. Immigrants are non magicians who came to this forest by either mistake or purpose. Since magicians don't trust outsiders, we have no choice to either kill them or keep them. My parents were immigrants, but because we were generally useless, we have been forced to do manual labor and basically all of the hard works that magicians refuses to do so. My entire body was in pain from restless works for hours, and this was all for barely anything. Our pays are incomparably less than that of those magicians glaring down at me. Our living was hard, but it was thanks to my friends that I have survived so far.

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