Grasping the Sky

Humans are destined to die someday, to be inanimate and lifeless where we have no experience whatsoever with these type of topics. Before any of these, what would we like to do? Simply wait our days of departing? Or choose to fully enjoy our life? Humans are born with natural talents that helps and sometimes guarantee survival based on their usefulness. However, this tale is about those who do not have them.


19. "Strong" Determination

"I did it again~" I sighed. When I was travelling along with the graceful wind, there once was a child carrying two people on his back, escaping from groups of people wearing steel things. I wasn't paying much attention to it until the kid was shot at his legs. I ended up breaking the chain and getting into fight on the first ten seconds of arrival. The kid who was watching me as if I was from another dimension finally spoke. "Are you magician?" he asked. Good, I came into right place. "Yes, I am not," I dodged the question. "I do not know who you are but, you must stop right now," one elderly man came to me. "Oh no..." the kid fell into despair, "That person is called Immortal Mage, he is the second strongest in this forest." That was great advice... which I already knew it on the first second. I checked his flow of energy, and the concentration was dense on the interior rather than exterior. "Most people use it as weapon, but keeping it means that," I was shocked, "His entire body is weapon?" He suddenly disappeared, but not into thin air, but to my back. "Strike!" Something sharp appeared. "Watch out, that thing is-" I was apparently stabbed. "I don't usually tell others, but my entire body is equipped with blades that comes out from it. I can also regenerate myself by reconnecting it!" he declared, "Now, time for your executio-" "You talk too much," I kicked his sides with slight rotation. "What an idiot, I also stabbed you when I was kic-" There wasn't single drop of blood in my body, not to mention any damage in by foot. "How? How is this possible?" He was utterly speechless, "It doesn't matter if you can't kill me, my stamina won't end easily!" The trick for this entire thing was simple, auras and magics have same fundamental and I know for sure that they both don't send any senses to your body. The question is, "How do you know when you stabbed someone?" This is very unpractical and saying this in public would make you generic weirdo. However, I can answer this by bit of cooking knowledge, yes, cooking. Have you sliced a meat before? Blindfold this process and you will know it by the texture and the senses that are send to your body. Magic doesn't work like blindfold and shooting gun to target where you won't simply know it. You can detect whether if it was hit or not by the first second when it reaches it. However, I replaced the flesh part with my aura, meaning that it also had same response with bare skin but this time, with no damage at all. 


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