Grasping the Sky

Humans are destined to die someday, to be inanimate and lifeless where we have no experience whatsoever with these type of topics. Before any of these, what would we like to do? Simply wait our days of departing? Or choose to fully enjoy our life? Humans are born with natural talents that helps and sometimes guarantee survival based on their usefulness. However, this tale is about those who do not have them.


20. "Strong" Countermeasure

When the Immortal Mage sensed the danger, he created invisible blades all over his body, probably as defense form. "If I was you, I would rather take a hit or two and counter it rather than waste my energy like that," I used back of my Nameless Blade to throw him into one of the trees in the forest. "How?" he was desperate, "How would non magician like you be stronger than me, the second strongest?" "Your ability isn't the worst, but you lack battle experience and efficiency," I declared. When I declared that one sentence, he was enraged to the point where he simply had to use portion of his life to prepare for vital strike. "What is happening?" I asked the kid. "He is using his own life to strengthen his attack, but for his age, it will more or less kill him," he responded. "Why would he do that?" I asked. "Most magicians spend their lifespan for knowledge and experience, but your words really got into him," he replied again. "It had to come to this point," I closed my eyes, sensing the flow of energy carefully. "SHOCK," I screamed. Shock is one of techniques that I had created. Most damage occur because of sudden change in motion, basically inertia and such. If I apply most force within shortest time, it would cause most efficient damage. On this time, I had to coat my hand with dense aura because his attack could cause severe damage if I didn't "EXECUTION BLADES!!!" Immortal Mage shouted. Heavy swords came clashing within my sight, and even more was coming from him. If this was to continue, he would ran out of life force within a minute or less. I dropped Nameless Blade aside and charged on uncountable amount of blades attempting to pierce me. Most of them could have been avoided easily, but the kid behind me caused me to reflect all of them. "YOU ARE NOT GETTING AWAY," he shouted out. The reflected swords pointed towards me, all gathering its attention toward me. "ShockWave," I heavily punched the ground, causing distortions of blades in the air. "Plate!" "Dash!" I stumped ground with enough force to create ground on its side and used it as base to run as fast as I can. When I reached up to him, I used "Confinement". Confinement is technique that inserts mini version of dragon that travels through the energy source and closes it down when it reaches its destination. As long as I keep supply enough energy to suppress its flow, I am able to temporarily disable person's ability. 

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