Grasping the Sky

Humans are destined to die someday, to be inanimate and lifeless where we have no experience whatsoever with these type of topics. Before any of these, what would we like to do? Simply wait our days of departing? Or choose to fully enjoy our life? Humans are born with natural talents that helps and sometimes guarantee survival based on their usefulness. However, this tale is about those who do not have them.


15. "Strong" Advantage

"My legs are shaking - No, vibrating so violently that even I can't take control of it..." I stopped midway on the dessert. During last six month, I have spent most of time to perfect my Dragon Ascension ability and set out to the journey immediately after. One might wonder, though I had no reason to stay there, why would I leave? Do you know the one of the secret records I found in the library? (Refer to Chapter 9) The one with the most important part covered? After researching for quite a bit of time, I figured out that it required special method to make inks appear again. This required me to search for the ingredients for almost a week and the result was astonishing. Apparently, such vague concept like magicians and dragons were existing. It was not discovered because that it was existing for long period but it was quite recently found in terms of human history. After the annihilation of humanity, the ones who survived, at best hundred thousand, recorded that their bodies were mutated and they could use supernatural ability. The recorder, with alias of Arch Mage, concluded that this energy was nicknamed as mana and everyone began to accept it as it was essential to survive in the land where mutated creatures exist. Unknown how this happened, time passed and the older generations have completely deceased. The newer generation, having the wisdom of the older ones, came to conclusion to hide themselves from humanity and stay close with nature when the new species(The humans that hide themselves) arrived to the surface of the earth. The location of the "nature" that they were staying was across the seas and the only method to arrive by land is to walk down the desert. It was at least half the distance but more than ten times the danger of going alone. I wondered why the book mentioned that this path was dangerous. I barely had any idea of the possible threat until I encountered incredibly large bird specimen covering my body in its shadows. One of the reasons why "magic" was important was because of its protection against these types of creatures with strong physical attributes. Without them, these magicians would have been extinct hundreds of years ago. "KKKKRRRRAAAA" The bird alerted with its high pitch voice. "Perfect!" my mind was clustered with using the bird as a mount.

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