Grasping the Sky

Humans are destined to die someday, to be inanimate and lifeless where we have no experience whatsoever with these type of topics. Before any of these, what would we like to do? Simply wait our days of departing? Or choose to fully enjoy our life? Humans are born with natural talents that helps and sometimes guarantee survival based on their usefulness. However, this tale is about those who do not have them.


21. Burden

"What is going on?" I wondered. My name is Kale, on of prisoners of this forest, and I was imprisoned for longer than I could have counted. It started out like this; a siren rang, every guards in the prison left except for some, my childhood friend Dagar attempted to save me by escaping off this place. "Just, let me go, I am nothing but a dead weight," I whispered with all of my might yet it was ignored by him. When we were just few steps away from the boundary, I saw Dagar's leg being pierced by one of the chains shot by the magicians. I almost lost my mind when his blood splattered onto my face, "WHY YOU MAGICIA-". However, my wounds from my previous rebellion caused me to cough blood and my damaged body couldn't do anything but to watch. It was simply the end for all of us, our dreams of escaping this hell was now over. It was until that person came to save us from the soldiers, and even when the second strongest, Immortal Mage, arrived on sight. Though we didn't expect a win, as we were fine with draw as long as all of us could make it out alive, it was great hope for us non magicians. Shortly after winning, he came to me, "It might be painful and relaxing at the same time, but please bare with me." "What?" <CRACK> "&$!@#*$%!" He literally broke one of my bones. "Your bones were not in fixed position when it was in process of being repaired, I will need to break it again to position it better," he said. I couldn't respond because of the current pain plus old wounds. "Ah! I also need to do thi-" <PIERCE> He pierced my arms with needle shaped things. "I wonder if these do the same as normal needle, I don't have them right now... Well, maybe I can try this too?" "W...WAIT!!!" I shouted. "Wait... I can talk?" "Good, I got the right place for vocal system," he responded, "Your broken arms and legs would work too, but they are just placed back together lightly, you need at least ten days for it to be normal and you shouldn't abuse it unless you want to be hospitalized for a month." "Its a miracle, how did you do this?" I asked him. "Its simple, but if you came from magician's world, couldn't you have healed it by yourself?" He asked. " impossible for us, immigrants..." I felt disappointed, maybe this person was also magician himself, and we still don't have hope in rising in this society. "I used to be unable to do any of these because of my physical condition, since there is not much difference between flow of energy in magic and martial art, you probably can do it , too." This person brought me miracles. 

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