The Quarter Quell

This is for the Alternate Universe comp.
Welcome to the 75 Annual Hunger Games!!! But this will be no ordinary Game, this year the Capitol will be hosting the Quarter Quell. Every 25 years their is some sort of challenge for the tributes, but this time President Snow takes unthinkable measures.����


2. Haymitch

Katniss's POV

I knocked on the evergreen green house door. There was no answer, but it was unlocked, so I welcomed myself in. I was surprised to see Hazelle, Gale's mother, halfway to the door with a broom in hand and her hair in a messy bun. "Hello, Katniss. How my I help you?" She asked.

"I was just wondering where Haymitch is. I'd need to ask him something." I told her. She nodded the scurried away. I looked around the once dirty and grimy house, but ever since Hazelle stepped in and started housekeeping for him, the house looked clean, even kind of nice. But no madder how clean his house was, he was still the same drunk, and that's where he could help me.

"I'll leave y'all right to it then." Hazelle then ran who-knows-where upstairs.

"Listen, why don't you save some trouble and leave, sweetheart?" He told me, sassily.

"Actually I'm not here for help, I'm here for a drink." I said. He snorted.

"Finally, something I can actually help you with." He poured the fine liquor into a glass cup, then poured himself one too.

"May the olds be ever in your favor!" I yelled, pulling the glass to my lips. The liquid burned my throat, but I kept drinking. That is until someone yanked out of my hand.

Peeta's POV

"What are on Earth?!" I ask. Katniss' face was a mixture of shock and anger. "Do you think any true Victor would do this? They wouldn't be moping around, even if they had to go back into that stinking arena." I made my way to his cupboard and pulled out galleons of the stuff. "Haymitch, Katniss, starting tomorrow we train as true survivors, with no beer. See y'all later." Katniss nodded but Haymitch growled.

"Fine," he mumbled.

"Good." I smiled.

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