Killers daughter

Crystal is a normal girl, she has a brother and sister and a bunch of walkers she has shelter food and water. Good enough for the apocalypse right? When she meets Ricks group there are some complications. Oh yeah and shes the Governors daughter.


5. Reunited?

Crystal's P.O.V

"You like my new hand little brother," Merle said. Daryl looked shocked. "Let go of me you son of a bitch," I said.He did as I said and let me go. "You probably thought I was dead didn't you, you sons of bitches," Merle said looking at them. "Merle we went back for you but you were already gone,"  Rick said. By now everyone was outside looking at Merle amazed. But then it all went wrong shots started being fired everyone ducked. My dad came out of the forest with all his men the war has started and people were going to die, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. We all looked at him guns up. He walked towards me and said " What you gonna shot me" he laughed. "If I have to I will," I said James nodded. "Like you shot your mother," He said. There were quiet gasped and I looked at him trying to hide the pain. " It wasn't my fault she didn't love you when she died," I said and looked up at him. "You bitch," He said and started shooting. He shot Hershel in the head Maggie and Beth screamed. That's when it all stopped no shots anything. My dad was in front of James and out of nowhere stabbed him in the heart. I pulled my gun on him and shot. It went through his side and he dropped beside my brother.

The prisons destroyed

People have died

Love has been lost

And friend and enemies alike have lost their lives.

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