Killers daughter

Crystal is a normal girl, she has a brother and sister and a bunch of walkers she has shelter food and water. Good enough for the apocalypse right? When she meets Ricks group there are some complications. Oh yeah and shes the Governors daughter.


6. Now what

Crystal's P.O.V

We were all split up after the battle, I got split up from everyone except for Glenn and that's when I met Abraham and Eugene.

3 months later

We had all found each other it's a small world after all. Judith has grown so much, so had Carl. I kinda stopped talking as much after... my brother, he was all I had left and I lost him to my own father. I can't believe that I just watched and let him die. I was sitting in the corner of the abandoned church we were at, everyone was sleeping except me. "How long has it been since you slept properly," I looked up it was Carl I just shrugged. He sat down beside me, "You can't grieve over something that you couldn't have prevented." "Carl he was my brother and instead of just killing that motherfucker when I had the chance I chickened out. All I did was watch him die, just like I watched my mom and sister get devoured alive." He hugged me and I put my head on his chest, "I just wish that there was something I could-" He leaned forward and looked into my eyes before pressing his lips on mine when we parted he smiled and then I put my lips on his again, moving closer to his body, mine pressing up against his chest. I felt his hands on my bare skin as he ran them up my sides. My arms were around his neck, litarally the only reason we stopped was because there was a knock on the door, it was our code knock informing us that Rick,Abraham,Rostia, and Eugene were back. I smilied towards Carl and hedded towards the door.


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