Killers daughter

Crystal is a normal girl, she has a brother and sister and a bunch of walkers she has shelter food and water. Good enough for the apocalypse right? When she meets Ricks group there are some complications. Oh yeah and shes the Governors daughter.


3. Im not a stalker im an observer


It was night everyone was dead asleep. I grabbed a bag and started packing four bottles of water and two packs of jerky and a loaf of bread. I knew that if I went out the front I would get caught so I went out the back and crouched down I was on a deck above the ground so I grabbed the rope on our deck tied it around the deck and then around my waist. I slowly climbed down the rope when it snapped and I fell about three feet down to the ground, I heard my dad's bed squeak with him getting up. I quickly rolled over into bushes and my dad's window opened and I held my breath. He closed his window and after a while I heard him snoring a got out of the bushes and sneaked up to the wall pulled open a small space and tiptoed into the woods in the same direction I watched Rick go. I saw a prison it was clearly cleaned out from walkers and was occupied someone covered my mouth and I spun around and Rick was standing there. How did you find us he asked. I went in the direction I saw you leave took a couple turns and I found this place i said. He looked at me and started leading me to the prison. Did anyone follow you here he asked me. No i replied. We went into the prison everyone was already awake and taking care of each other and themselves. It was amazing how they worked together to survive and collect materials. I wish i had a group like this I said. Carol turned and said, were not a group were a family. I smiled and said Your not even related and you better than my family and were all related. Beth turned and said, What happend with your family? Beth that could be personal to her Maggie said. No it's fine i can tell you. It's not the first time.




I was with my family we were walking in the streets when all of this started with our village my sister Leah's face was devoured when one of the walkers got in my om flipped out and ran out of the town after that she disappeared and my dad brother and I kept watch for her. One day she came back with a group of them missed her last shot and got bit in the throat fell and got devoured, my dad left not wanting to watch the rest of it my brother was devastated and killed the rest of the walkers my mom came back and I...




A tear slipped down my check, I shot her in the face only to later find out my sister was in her arms. Nobody said anything but Hershel looked at me understandingly. I stayed there for the day and hung out with Carl and Judith. Carl told me he shot his mother in the head so she wouldn't turn. It was night and I stayed with Carl in his cell and we stayed up quite late and talked about everything since the beginning and how we survived. I woke up the next morning and got up and got ready for the day I grabbed my bag and started packing up to go back "home" to my dad I was not ready for this and was kinda panicking Hershel came up to me and said You don't have to do this you can stay with us. I looked at him I have to get my brother I said. I can't leave him behind he'd be devastated if he lost his only sibling left and the only girl left in his family, and personally I don't think I could survive knowing I had a chance and I left him behind. I walked out of the prison yard then the prison gates, and walked into the woods.




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