Killers daughter

Crystal is a normal girl, she has a brother and sister and a bunch of walkers she has shelter food and water. Good enough for the apocalypse right? When she meets Ricks group there are some complications. Oh yeah and shes the Governors daughter.


4. How Hard Can It Be



I followed Crystal into the woods and scared the crap out of her. What the heck Daryl what are you doing! she said. I should be asking you that, are you crazy! Your dad will kill you he's a total assho- she stopped me. I know but my brother is there I can't just leave him there Daryl he's all I really have left and I can't lose that too it's not like you would understand she said. I just looked at her, you don't know anything Crystal not about me not about us not about what we've done only what you've done, I said. She looked me dead in the eye and turned around and ran into the woods.




I woke up, Crystal wasn't there I didn't think anything of it until I got up. Where's Crystal, I asked. She left, Hershel and Daryl said in union then looked at each other and Hershel looked at my dad. Why did she go back to that hellhole I asked. Couldn't leave her brother behind Daryl said and got up and left. After they left his brother on the roof to die he hasn't been the same as before. I hope she's okay.




I was on my way to the back and was kinda sneaking so my dad didn't find me when someone grabbed me I turned around I went around the side gates when someone grabbed me I screamed and turned around I knew exactly who it was, MERLE. I looked at him and then he said, We've been looking for ya Crystal how bout you come back to town with me. I just glared at him, I don't want to Merle I said. he just grabbed me and dragged me into town then my dad's apartment. Where were you Crystal, he said. None of your damn business, I said. You can go now Merle my dad said Merle nodded and then just walked out the door. My dad turned and slapped me across the face what the hell is wrong with you Crystal, my dad yelled. He left, I WILL be back Crystal so don't even think about leaving, he said. I had no clue what to do I was stuck, then the door opened and I looked up, James was standing in the doorway and he ran over to me. I was so worried about you, he said. Don't worry I'm fine what we should be worried about is that we have to get out of here before dad comes back, I said. James looked at me understandably and nodded he forced open one of the windows when the door started to open again he and I jumped out together and started running into the woods. We ran as fast as we could to the prison when we heard footsteps behind us we saw the prison and ran even faster. Rick was luckily outside with Daryl, Carl, and Hershel. Rick, I screamed he got up and opened the gates there were shots behind us and somebody grabbed my foot making me fall and I looked behind me, it was Merle. What the hell Merle, I screamed at him. We were in the prison walls and the others had come out to see what was going on. Merle? I knew that voice it was Daryl. You know this asshole, I said. Merle turned to Daryl, Did you miss me, little brother? Merle said. Oh my god, Merle is Daryl's brother. The brother Daryl thought was dead.


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