Killers daughter

Crystal is a normal girl, she has a brother and sister and a bunch of walkers she has shelter food and water. Good enough for the apocalypse right? When she meets Ricks group there are some complications. Oh yeah and shes the Governors daughter.


7. A/N

I'm so sorry about not posting, I had school and a lot to finish in June and then July so far I'm moving so we have to pack and then I'm super busy. Once school starts back up again in september I'm gonna try and post Monday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. This year I do want to pull my grades up so I'm not making any promises. By the way thank you so much for 679 likes on my first fanfiction (killers daughter). I am amazed at how high the reads are going I thought they would only go up to 7,8 reads. Shout out to my original fanfiction account (yes I have 2) Creampuff_Dixon_Carl It's my crappy account so be warned.
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