The Hairdresser

Is it strange that Harry fell in love with his hairdresser?


4. Chapter 4

Two months later

    “HARRY! Put this on!”  I swear, I could hear Paige from the bathroom.  I came out and went into the dressing room where I could hear Paige.  Harry loves to bother Paige by not listening to her.

“Harry! Stop bothering my girlfriend and put some pants on!” Liam yelled while walking over to Paige and kissing her on the forehead to calm her down.  

“What is all this screaming about?” I yelled.  She looks at me and walks to my direction.

“Tell your boyfriend to stop running around and to put this on, he only listens to you and the concert starts in 10 minutes!” she said frustrated.  I look at him.

“Harry! Come here!” I yelled.  He comes up to me and gives me a kiss.  Harry and I have been dating for a month now and I am the most happiest girl ever.

“I haven’t seen you all day.” he says

“I know.” I said with a smile. He wraps his arms around me and hugs me.

“I love you, Nicole Matthews.” he whispered in my ear.

“I love you too Harry but I would love you even more if you had some pants on.” I whispered.

“Okay!” He said while running to Paige and grabs the pants he was going to wear and puts it on.

“There!” He says with so much excitement.

“No! You are not done, you need to put your shoes on!” Paige yells.

“Fine.” he huffs while putting his shoes on but smirks when he see me walking his way.

“Babe….Tomorrow...I have a surprise for you.” He said with this smile on his face.

“Oh really.” I said smirking.

“Yeah. Well I need to go but wait for me so we could go to the hotel together, okay?” He ask.

“Yeah sure.”

*Next Day*

It’s been a really good time with the boys. Traveling around the world is really nice but I have gotten really close with Niall, he has become basically my best friend. We are in Australia, for two weeks because they were invited to the red carpet and there is going to be three concerts here. I am so excited, as you know Harry is taking me and Liam is taking Paige. I have my dress and shoes ready. I am so happy!

I have basically 1 hour and a half to get ready. Harry is out in some interview. Lou is doing my makeup. I love Lou.

    “Hey, cutie. Ready for me to do your makeup??’ she asked.

    “Yeah. I’m so excited!” I said so happy.

*An hour later*

    Lou finished my makeup and said she needed to leave so she left. I doing my hair now. After, I was done, I put my dress and shoes on. I heard a knock on the door. I got up and open it. I saw a well dressed Harry standing there, staring at me from up and down and back up, a little shocked.

    “Are you ready, babe?” Harry asks with a huge smile as I come out of me and Paige’s room.

     “Yes!”  I said cheerfully.

“You look beautiful.” he says with a smirk.

“Thank you, handsome.” I laughed.

We get there and it’s beautiful, the red carpet. I am here. I never thought I would end up here and I give all the thanks to Harry.

“Come on.” he said while grabbing my hand and holding it tight.

“Okay.” I said.

We sit down at our seats after we have taken pictures. I look at Harry and wonder how am I with him. He catches me looking at him.

“What? You like what you see?” he said jokingly.

“Shut up.” I said while laughing.

After that he gets a text but doesn’t notice since the place is filled with chatter and his phone is on the table. I look at it being curious. It’s her again. Taylor Swift. She has been calling, texting and trying so hard to get a hold of him. I know this because he told me so many times. I trust him. I put his phone back where it was and continue to talk to Paige.

    “Was that her? I swear if she is here, I am going to hurt her!” Paige said angrily.

    “No. It wasn’t her.” I lied.

10 Minutes later Harry gets up and whispers in my ear.

“I am going to the bathroom, okay?” he whispers.

“Okay.” I answered

10 minutes has gone by and I am worried so I go to the male’s bathroom but then I hear Harry’s voice and then a girl’s voice in the hallway next to the male’s bathroom. I go look to see and then I see it,  Taylor Swift kissing my boyfriend.


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