The Hairdresser

Is it strange that Harry fell in love with his hairdresser?


3. Chapter 3


We got up the next morning ready to eat breakfast and to meet the boys. We got to the restaurant and Paul was with us.  He went up to the lady and told her something, then she immediately took us to a table.  We sat down and we waited for a few minutes.  I heard them before I saw them, then I saw Paige freaking out but trying to act professional.  When they saw me and Paige, they went silent and I started thinking to myself am I that ugly?  Since our booth was in a “U” shape and me and Paige were sitting next to each other in the middle, they looked at each other and rushed to each end of the booth.

I kinda got a little scared.  Harry sat next to me and somehow Paige wasn’t next to me any more, Niall was next to me.  Two minutes went by so I decided to speak since it was getting awkward.

“Hi, I’m Nicole and this is Paige”
           They looked at us and started to talk to Paige but Harry was just sitting being quiet for some unknown reason.

       “Harry, why aren't you speaking?”  Louis asked from the other end of the booth.

  “ Oh…...sorry….I was distracted.” he said nervously.  They all laughed for some reason.

I look at Harry and he was blushing.  He’s so cute when he blushes.

“ Hi, I’m Nicole as you already know.”  I continued.  He looked at me.

“ I know, you have a pretty name.” he stated.  I blushed. He smiled and lifted up the menu in front of him.

He started to speak “Do you like pancakes with smiley faces on them because that what I’m going to get.  Straight off from the kids menu!” he declared, I laughed.

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