The Hairdresser

Is it strange that Harry fell in love with his hairdresser?


2. Chapter 2


Okay, today is January 3, 2013.We are on the plane handing to London.  Tomorrow is the day that I will meet One Direction but if you haven’t noticed, I am trying not to fangirl so hard.  Paige said that I got the job because she sent my resume but I’m so happy she did. Right now, but don’t tell anyone, I’m so nervous that I’m trying to think about how I will introduce myself.  “Hi, I’m Nicole Matthews?”  No, that’s horrible!  Soon Paige snaps me out of my daydream.

“Stop daydreaming about Harry Styles!” she laughs. Harry Styles was my favorite from the group when I was younger but when I say younger, I mean like when I was 16. That’s when I was  a big fan.  

“First of all, I don’t like Harry Styles anymore, I just like their music and I came for the job, not to fall in love. I mean…..?” I said. Why did I say that?

She grins at me.  “Who said anything about falling in love?” she says with this evil grin.

“Nevermind!” I yelled.

Soon after being in the same spot for, like forever we landed. We started walking into the airport but we than realized we didn’t know what we were looking for or how we were going to get to where we suppose go.  When we were walking we saw a man with a suit and a drivers cap on with a board and on the board it had our names on it so we walked to him, very slowly.  When we got closer he spoke, “Are you Nicole Matthews and Paige Hastings?”

We looked at him.  “I’m Nicole and she’s Paige” I say.

“Okay, well come with me” he said.  He took our luggage and put it into this black SUV.

When he was driving he started talking to us, “Well, Hi my name is Paul, I’m not the driver but the boys wanted me to pick you up.  I am really the body guard and they made me dress this way so no judgement!” he says with embarrassment.

“Oh,” I said giggling but not really amused.

“Do the boys always do this to you?”  Paige asks with amazement.  I look at her and whispered “Why?”


We got to the hotel. It was so huge, secretly I wanted a suite.  “OMG! Nicole it’s huge!” Paige yells.  

I look at her “OMG! I know, I wish we get a suite!” I loudly whispered.  

We went into the huge building, we notice we were in the lobby and Paul was with our luggage then he went to the front desk and told the lady something, I couldn’t hear from all the screaming outside.  I notice there was a group of girls running in yelling if One Direction was here.  The front desk lady just pointed the guards to sent them out.  I noticed her name was Danielle.

Paige whispers in my ear, “Isn’t that Liam’s ex-girlfriend?”

I look at her, “I think so.”

Paul calls Paige and I, “Come on before it gets crazy.”  

All I could say was, “Okay.”

We got to our room. “Thank you Paul for everything,”  I say.  

“No problem,”  he says with a smile, “Oh, yeah, the boys wanted me tell you that tomorrow they will take you out for breakfast to talk about how they want things and they would love to get to know you more.”

“Okay,” I said nervously.  Paige comes up to me when Paul leaves.

“I’m so nervous Nicole.” Paige says with a nervous look on her face.

“It’s okay remember, I’m here for you, to be honest, I’m a little nervous too.” I tell.

She looks at me with a grin “ Why you nervous, huh, why you nervous?”

I smile “Stop! Okay! Let’s go to bed.” I laughed.

    I jumped in bed. Paige did as well.

    “Okay, Nicole Styles.” she laughs

“ Haha..” I said sarcastically.

“Good night, Paige” I said while putting the covers over me.

“Good night Styles” she says with a mean laugh.

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