The Hairdresser

Is it strange that Harry fell in love with his hairdresser?


1. Chapter 1

 Nicole's POV

I was walking home when I heard ringing.  It was my phone so I looked at the screen, it was Paige so I answered it.  If you believe me or not, I think I lost a bit of hearing in my right ear from that moment on because she was screaming and yelling that she got the job to be One Direction’s stylist and I mean the most famous boyband ever.  I like them too, but not as much as I used to.  I used to be so in love with the band when I was younger that if I would see them I would scream my heart out but now I am older, I need to look forward. When I was walking up the stairs I realized that she was going to leave me for a whole year.  What am I going to do? She is my best friend and now I am going to stay here by myself.  When I opened the door to my apartment all I could hear was One Direction music being played and a short 19 year old girl dancing around and screaming the words.  Paige and I live together.  When I walked up to her doorway I stood there until she noticed me.  When she finally noticed me, she screamed and ran up to me and hugged me with this big grin on her face.

“Guess what?” she asked excitedly.

I giggled, “What?”

She yelled, “You’re coming with me!”

I got confused, “Going with you where?”

“On tour!  You’re going to be their hairdresser!”

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