Confessions of a Certain Stargazer


1. Entry One

I lay here on the grass dusted with starlight and arch my neck back as I gaze in awe and wonder at the glimmering celestial bodies that hang in the midnight sky.

I watch them pulsate and emanate light as they transit about their distant galaxies and star systems.

In this moment, I realize the full extent of how we human beings are so insignificant in comparison to those giant forces that reside outside of our humble home planet, Earth.

Yet, I can’t shake the feeling that something is commencing.

Something above me right now.

Something about those orbs of light is going to connect us all. It could make all us humans.. immensely significant.

Or maybe it won't.

Maybe that something is telling me that I should just stay tethered to my anchor here.

That way, I won’t float off and come to a crossroads I really don’t want to discover.

Though, I think I’ll have a choice sooner or later. You’ll see.

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