A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


9. 9

The dark room is covered with large stand up glass tubes that has various males and females floating inside the water filled containers with lizard like features like Knowna only they are in various colors ranging from blue to yellow  with a singular large blue light lighting up each tube.  Knowna walked on slowly still in a state of shock as she saw they are wearing breathing masks with vital scanners attached to each tube till Knowna saw a steel door with black markings above a set of short steps that said, “S-MK-1” She walked up the stairs and transformed from the guard to a scientist from one of the labs behind her and placed her thumb on a finger reader and the door opened.  Knowna was taken aback when she saw two towering robots standing up in braces in front of her at the other side of the self sustained lit up hanger as the door closed behind her.  Knowna saw a table in front of her and approached it with caution as she saw an open folder with photos of her and typed paper that explains her abilities and detail descriptions of her DNA.  A voice said behind her, “Feel right at home?” Knowna looked behind and up above on a walkway and saw a young man dressed in an army officer’s uniform as he smirked at Knowna’s cautious look and said, “It’s been a long time Knowna.” 


    Toads watched behind the reception desk with awe when all of a sudden all the monitors went black.  Toads immediately began pressing various buttons on the keyboard, but nothing happened and he touched his ear piece and spoke urgently, “Gabriel all the monitors are dead, I can’t see her!  Can you get eyes on her?” Gabriel heard Toads urgent request and Gabriel frowned with concern and he looked out the back of the van (using his x-ray vision) and inside the complex and saw everyone is walking around or resuming their normal duties and does not see any alarms (lights) going off, but as he began to look deeper into the complex, he noticed the “PROJECT KNOWNA” label but could not see inside the room or the larger one behind it and Gabriel made a single (frustrated) grunt and replied to Toads, “So far no alarms have been sounded, but I cannot see into the room that I noticed is labeled Project Knowna and the other room beyond it.” Toads yelped back, “What?  Why can you not see in them?” Gabriel replied calmly, “The walls and doors to those rooms are reinforced steel as if they are built to withstand a nuclear explosion or other known type of large explosive.  I guess I can’t see through at least one foot of solid steel.”  Toads asked, “What do you recommend we should do?” Gabriel sat back and replied, “All we can do for now is hope Knowna has everything under control till I am able to see her again or when the alarms go off.”


    Knowna smirked and said, “Well, if it isn’t Major Kendrick.” Kendrick replied, “It’s Lt. Colonel Kendrick thanks to you.  We have recently been able to decode your ability and are now in the trials of replicating your unique abilities on others as well and so far our trials have proven successful.” Knowna transformed to her green form as she tried to keep from showing her confusion and said, “I don’t know what’s running in that sick twisted mind of yours but I rather know what I really look like and stay that way than have this ABILITY.  And what are you talking about my accomplishments?” Kendrick first looked confused and looked like he was about to laugh (thinking she was joking) till he stopped himself and he made an evil like smirk as he spoke, “You have no idea who you are, do you?” Silence as Knowna stared angrily at him and Kendrick stepped back and laughed (heartedly) and said, “I can’t believe it!  This is going to be much more fun than I have anticipated!” There was a sound of a door opening behind Knowna and when she looked she saw a middle aged man with his skin red, black hair and yellow eyes before her and Knowna balled up her fists as Kendrick said, “We wanted to see how you will react to someone who is like you in many ways and how our experiment works in the real world.”  She jumped up into the air (as she flipped) to kick the red man only he grabbed her outstretched leg in mid motion and kicked her in the mid section and she fell on her back as she cried out in pain.  As she painfully tried to stand Kendrick called out, “Jax Synod is a spy from the Secret Service Department and he volunteered for the procedure.” Knowna looked up at Tagus with glaring yellow eyes and said, “If you are doing this just so the Secret Service and other spy agencies can...” Kendrick smiled and cut in, “This is not just for the military or spy agencies for the government.  I am also doing this for various wealthy corporations and government leaders that are willing to keep or expand their power and wealth.” She glared at Kendrick as he continued, “We add your ability into people who work for me and other agencies to give them the ability to look like other aliens and people and infiltrate various governments and corporations to do whatever I or anybody else wants, without question.” Knowna asked, “And how do you plan to reverse the procedure?” Kendrick replied, “We already developed a serum that would reverse it.” He smirked down at Knowna as she stared at him with a look of frustration and she asked, “What does your son have to say about this?” Kendrick looked at her with a grim but angry expression and he spoke aloud, “Your life is at an end Knowna!  Mr. Synod, kill her.” Kendrick then walked away to his right towards the door as Knowna turned to Jax as he smiled and replied, “With pleasure sir.” And Kendrick exited the hanger.


    Jax suddenly shot a jet of flame from his mouth and  Knowna quickly grabbed the table next to her and used it as a shield till he stopped.  Knowna yelled to herself, “That’s new!” Suddenly Jax ran up towards Knowna and up the table before jumping over Knowna and kicked her in the back and she fell forward.  She scrambled up only for Jax to jump onto her back forcing her back down and put her in a head lock and began choking her.  Knowna then grabbed a piece of broken glass next to her and in one quick motion she stabbed his forearm (deep enough that the tip exited the other side) sending blood spraying into the air as Jax jumped back and made an ear splitting scream.  Knowna immediately flipped in the air and kicked Jax across the face before landing on her feet.  Jax stumbled back and yanked the shard of glass from his forearm as he yelped in pain.  Knowna ran towards him only for Jax to shoot a column of fire from his mouth and Knowna dodged the column of fire and ran to her right and continued running as the column of fire kept following her around the room till she grabbed a container, jumped as she turned towards him, threw it and hit Jax in the forehead making him stop as he cringed in pain before she rolled on the floor back to her feet and immediately jumped forward and kicked him in the chest as he yelped in pain and fell back.  He then fired a ball of fire at point blank range but Knowna flipped backwards and landed on her feet.  He fired another ball of fire but Knowna dodged to her left behind a metal table as the ball of fire struck one of the assembly machines and caused an explosion.


    The building shook as Toads looked about his console with anxiety and saw personnel looking about with apprehension on the monitors and Toads spoke aloud, “What was that?” Gabriel replied, “I don’t know, but it seems that Knowna has her hands full.” Toads asked, “Then get in there and find out...” Gabriel interrupted, “Until she calls or gives us a sign she needs help, I believe we should let her settle this on her own.” Gabriel then smirked and spoke, “Toads, do you have any experience with explosives?” Toads looked perplexed and replied, “Yes, why do you ask?” Gabriel replied, “I think we should add a little fireworks display.” Toads smirked as the room shook again (as there was a muffled explosion) and both military and scientists personnel ran past Toads as alarms began going off and in the confusion Toads grabbed a bag from under the desk and blended in with the crowd.


    Fire was ragging at the area where one of the assembly machines exploded and started to spread and Knowna took cover behind one of the towering machines.  Jax walked trying to look for her when he said, “You think hiding from me is going to keep you safe?” She breathed heavily but tried to keep quiet as he walked around and disappeared.  Suddenly the towering machine she was hiding behind’s chest exploded from an impact of a ball of fire and she dodged away to her left as it fell back breaking away from its restraints and fell against the steel wall and fell on it’s sitting position leaving a large dent on the wall.  Jax appeared where the machine was and Knowna was nowhere in site when suddenly she slid across the floor (coming from behind and beneath him) and kicked his left knee as she dislocated it and Jax fell to his other knee and screamed in pain.  Knowna rolled on her stomach as she looked up at him and said, “Stings doesn’t it.” Jax punches his left knee and relocates it before throwing his right foot at her face, but she immediately rolled to her right and flipped in the air kicking him across the face.  Jax looked back at Knowna (unfazed) and made a short laugh and said, “Pathetic.” He then grabs and threw her against a series of metal shelves and when she fell the lab equipment and various tools fell on top of her.  Jax walked towards her and said, “You see?  You are weak.  A prototype like you is an ant that deserves to be squashed.” Knowna looked to her side and rested her eyes on something that caught her attention.


    Knowna suddenly rolled behind a table that had fell on its side facing Jax as he stopped and began laughing and said, “Really?  You are going to spend your last moments cowering behind a table?” Before he knew it Knowna appeared from behind the table with a bow and an arrow pointed at him.  She immediately shot the arrow and it struck Jax directly in the chest and he fell back onto the ground as he yelped in pain.  Jax groaned in pain as he tried to sit up and he yanked the arrow from his chest (stifling his cry of pain) and saw the stab wound and blood leaking from it.  Jax cringed in anger and he said, “You bitch.” He suddenly threw his head up towards Knowna and flames began to issue forth till he saw Knowna throwing a metal shard at him and it struck Jax in the throat and the flames suddenly stopped as he grasped his throat as he gasped for air.  Knowna immediately made a roundhouse kick at Jax’s face before kicking him in the chest making him fall back as he gasped in pain from the wound on his chest.  Jax screamed in furious anger as he leapt up and tried to punch Knowna in the face, only Knowna immediately slid under and behind him.  As she did so Jax immediately turned around in the process and threw his right fist (to punch her again) only to be caught in Knowna’s hand.  He immediately threw his left and she caught it as well as she glared at him and Knowna said, “You just fucked with the wrong girl.” She twisted her wrists and there were multiple snapping sounds as both Jax’s wrists snapped.  He screamed in agony when all of a sudden Knowna flipped backwards (letting go of his wrists) and kicked him under his jaw and fell on his back knocked out as Knowna landed back on her feet.  She smiled down at him as he nodded awake and she transformed into Jax when all of a sudden the same door Kendrick exited opened and Kendrick came running out and saw the wrecked hanger as he yelled, “Did you kill her yet?” He stood still in the walkway as he saw two Jax’s both with the same wounds standing as they looked at each other and at Kendrick in shock.

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