A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


8. 8

A four story, rectangular office building connected to what appears to be a large warehouse sat in the middle of Savannah terrain valley outside of the city with a high, barbed wired fence surrounding it and four guard towers as a maintenance truck pulled up at the front security gate.  The security guard approached the driver side as another guard stood by the passenger side and the guard asked the driver, “What’s your purpose here?” Toads replied, “Here to repair cable junction 21A.” The guard walked back into the guard shack as Toads (with a green skinned female maintenance worker beside him) waited patiently till the guard came back out, waved the guard away and replied, “You’re cleared!” And the gates opened and the maintenance van drove inside before driving around the office building till it reached the other side, where there were no other vehicles and parked.  Toads looked behind to see Gabriel crouching beneath shelves of tools above him and said, “Coast is clear.” Gabriel smirked at him and spoke, “You should tell me more about the Amphibs, because so far I am very intrigue.” The woman passenger looked back, as she rolled her eyes, and spoke, “Spare me Gabriel, we have more important matters than your curiosity.” Gabriel replied, “You’re right Knowna, you first.” Knowna gave a small smirk before she left and Toads smiled and spoke, “Now to take care of the security cameras.” He left and Gabriel sat back in his seat, made a relaxing sigh and said to himself, “And the calvary stands by.”


    A security guard behind the reception desk drank a cup of coffee as he looked at the three built in monitors to his desk that showed various security camera angles when Toads came around the corner and entered through the front entrance.  The security guard looked up (with an alert expression) and asked firmly, “What are you doing he..” Suddenly Toads leapt forward and kicked the guard in the chest with both feet, sending him sprawling onto his back and before the guard could get up Toads made a single punch directly into his face and knocked him out.    


    Knowna walked up to the door and asked, “Toads?” Toads sat behind the front desk (dressed in the same clothes as the security guard he knocked out earlier) and replied, “You’re all clear.” A door opened and Knowna (disguised as one of the security guards at the front entrance) entered and saw many people in hard hats walking around moving crates either by hand or using a forklift as various sized white cubes or containers were stacked in what appears to be a warehouse to 18 wheelers and either loading or unloading them.  She stepped down a short flight of stairs and found the nearest computer terminal and Toads spoke, “245-OP17” And Knowna entered the code and accessed the terminal.  She scrolled through various manifests and found from the receiving lists the majority of them are from various Task Industries facilities and other private corporations and in the receiving lists they are being sent to military or DoD facilities throughout the country.  She exited the terminal and turned to her right and walked between two high shelves of large white containers and entered the same code to a keypad and saw a green light over the pad before opening the door and walked through.  When she is inside the walls and doors were made out of glass and she can see inside through various arranged labs where to her left the scientists are wearing lab coats while the ones on the right are wearing chemical suits.  As she continued walking she glanced to her left and right and observed the scientists at what they are doing and saw on various monitors and see through glass tablets they showed various people changing skin or color tone on her left while on her right she saw the scientists in chemical suits are working with mice or various small animals and saw a white mouse transform into a black mouse right before her eyes.  She kept a calm expression as she continued forward and asked herself, “What the hell is going on here?” She continued down the hallway till she reached the end and there were three doors with two of them a few dozen yards away from the center one, but Knowna did not take notice as she stared at the door in front of her (failing to contain her shock) with wide eyes and stepped slowly towards it as two words are displayed in all caps, “PROJECT KNOWNA” She then whispered to herself, “No.” And she stood there, unable to move, till two scientists walked past her and gave her a worried/curious glance as they stopped talking.  Knowna took notice and she rubbed her eyes as if she was sleepy before she stepped up to another keypad by the door and entered the same code and there was another green light.  She heard the bolts unlock and she pulled the door open before entering a dark room and closing it behind her using her strength even as Toads said, “Something’s not right.  A simple private security guard should not be able to access this deep into the facility.”  She failed to listen as she heard the door lock and blue lights came on behind her before she turned around and stood absolutely still as she looked shell shocked at what she is seeing.

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