A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


7. 7

The transport ship appeared over Termini and descended through the atmosphere before it appeared from the clouds and docked at the same towering structure it departed from the previous planet.  The passengers began to disembark and Gabriel and Knowna (looking like an asian woman) walked amongst the crowd till they began to peel off and Gabriel spoke, “I’m sure it will be awhile before they discover our former friends.” Knowna replied dryly, “Yes, but they will know we are on this planet.” Gabriel said, “Yes, but not where specifically like the last planet.  Also we have one of their Pad’s with files of other people with special abilities so we can hide and make some real friends.” They entered a large elevator before the gated doors closed and the elevator began to move down rapidly and Knowna replied,  “I know a few people in these files that can help you, but, I prefer to be on my own.” Gabriel glanced at her and said, “Knowna we’ve been through this before.” Knowna replied firmly, “I know, but when I left we didn’t depart on good terms.” Gabriel stated, “Let’s just take this one step at a time.  First...” He looked at her with a smirk, “Let’s find them.” And he looked back forward confidently while Knowna looked at him with a quizzical expression and then rolled her eyes and let off a sigh before looking forward as the elevator began to slow down and eventually stop.


    The gated doors opened  to reveal a city with various tall skyscrapers and monorails and other various bridges of transportation and vehicles driving about or flying as Gabriel and Knowna exited the elevator.  Gabriel asked, “Where do we start first?” Knowna replied, “I know someone that could help us.” They crossed the street and walked along a sidewalk passing various shops and stores till they reached an opening where a trailer serving food with a sign that read above it, “Beef Joint” sat in the middle of a parking lot and people lined up to be served food.  Gabriel smirked and said, “I do feel a little hungry.” Knowna spoke, “Then you can eat while I talk to him.” They waited in line and when they reached the front an insect like server asked, “Welcome to Beef Joint, may I take your order?” Knowna replied aloud, “A Reptilian Eco-burger.” The server reared his head back and spoke, “We don’t serve that kind of burgers here.” A cook in the back (wearing strap free goggle shaped glasses and green skin) stopped flipping burgers on a grill and looked up but faced away from the front and Knowna said, “I believe you do serve a Reptilian Eco-burger.” The cook in the back looked forward and saw Knowna (still looking like an asian female) looking at him and the cook looked grim and made a single nod as the server spoke to Knowna, “I’m sorry ma’m but if you look at the menu...” The cook came behind the server, with his gloved hand on the insect person’s right shoulder, and said, “I’ll take of this Dostile.” Dostile looked at him and at the back and saw one other cook working alone before looking back at the cook before him and replied, “Make it quick Toads.” Toads nodded and walked away before exiting the trailer.  Gabriel and Knowna approached Toads as he opened the door to his small RV and Knowna immediately turned around and said, “I’ll handle this, go satisfy your appetite.” Gabriel smirked as Knowna walked away and entered the vehicle before closing the door behind her and Gabriel sighed before walking away and got in the back of the food line.


    The door reopened and Knowna (still looking like a female asian) and Toads stepped outside and looked about to find Gabriel till Gabriel spoke, “Took you two long enough.” Knowna and Toads behind (with apprehension) and saw Gabriel leaning on the back of the RV and in one bite he ate the rest of the burger in his hand.  Knowna looked at him with frustration and asked, “Did you listened?” Gabriel smirked and replied, “Yes, I have.  It seems very interesting and I do agree.” Toads stood firm and said, “I still don’t trust you.” Gabriel spoke, “I’m afraid you are going to have to if we are to find out Knowna’s true identity and who her parents are.” Knowna stiffened as well and spoke, “I hate it when you listen in like that.” A cook appeared from behind the trailer and yelled, “Toads we need you now!” Toads looked at him, Knowna and Gabriel  (back and forth as if contemplating) till suddenly he yanked the apron off, threw it and walked away as he replied, “I’m done!  Till Dostile I appreciate his hospitality but its over!” Knowna and Gabriel followed him as the cook stood by with shock and awe.

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