A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


6. 6

Gabriel woke up with ease as he heard the sound of the shower and he looked about to see Knowna is not with him.  Gabriel smirked and shook his head before he got up and got dressed before he heard the shower turn off.  Gabriel asked aloud, “I take it you are ready!” He looked behind to see Knowna (in her human form) wearing plain clothes and held a coat in her hands and she said, “Have been.” Once they left the hotel they took an air taxi that flew towards a towering mushroom shaped structure with docking walkways reaching towards various large ships.  Gabriel held Knowna’s left hand as he looked at her and said, “Now comes the hard part.” Knowna transformed into another woman but in orange with blond hair and green eyes as she looked at him and replied, “The hard part has already begun when I refused to turn you in.” Gabriel held her hand tightly and said, “At least you won’t be alone.” And they both smiled at each other.


    When the air taxi landed on one of the platforms, between the large transport ships, both Gabriel and Knowna got out and Gabriel paid the driver (even as he looked at Knowna with confusion but turned back his attention at Gabriel as he handed the money over to him) before they walked together to one of the kiosks that said “Ticket Orders” and Gabriel entered the kiosk while Knowna stood outside and looked about her till Gabriel came back out and handed her a ticket.  Gabriel spoke, “One ticket to Termini.” Knowna continued to look about as she grabbed her ticket and said, “So far I don’t see anyone shadowing us.” She looked at the faces of various aliens and people walking past them (some glancing in their direction) and continued, “As far as I can see.” They walked away from the kiosk and blended into the crowd as they headed towards one of the transport ships.


    They entered the transport ship without difficulty and sat in their seats, inside a wide hallway with a row of seats along each side of the hallway, and put on their safety belts as they waited for the ship to take off.  The large, blue tub shaped ship (with twin engines in the back) flew away from the space port and into space (all the while Knowna looked around to see many people minding their own business and talked to themselves while some people glanced in their direction) before the ship suddenly accelerated and zipped across space.  When the ship accelerated, Gabriel and Knowna left their seats as everyone else got up and made their way to the mess hall.  As they proceeded and entered the mess hall Knowna looked around cautiously as Gabriel looked like he is not concerned and Knowna whispered, “I sense at least two people watching us.” Gabriel whispered back, “Five.” Knowna looked at him puzzled and Gabriel continued, “I believe we should find a nice place to TALK to them.” Knowna whispered, “Agreed.” And they picked up their food from the cafeteria line and ate at a table on the far corner away from everyone else.  


    When they finished eating they walked out of the cafeteria and passed through a crowd of people in the hallway as three people followed them till all of a sudden both Gabriel and Knowna vanished amongst the crowd.  The three men (two blue and one red) looked at each other before they began pushing and shoving through the crowd but they still don’t see them.  One of the blue men stood in front of a darkened door and tried to look over the heads of the people walking about when suddenly the door behind him opened and a dark blue hand grabbed him on the right shoulder and yanked him back into the darkened room before the door closed.  The other blue man noticed his comrade disappear and he rushed in his direction.  When he reached where he last saw him, he noticed Gabriel standing there with his hands behind his back and he said, “I think it is wise if you follow me willingly.” The blue man grabbed his sidearm beneath his cloak, but before he could pull it out part of his cloak flew up to reveal the holster and Gabriel held the sidearm before him as the man looked in shock.  He looked at his holster and noticed it was empty and back at Gabriel to see that the gun he has in his hands is the blue man’s.  Gabriel spoke, “Please don’t let me repeat myself.” The door behind him opened to reveal Knowna in her dark blue/black form and the blue man gave a short cry before he was cut off when Gabriel snatched him and pulled him into the room in a blink of an eye before the door closed.  


    A few passers looked in the general direction but did not see the blue man or Gabriel as the door closed and continued to walk by while three men, not far away, ran at the sound and shoved through the crowd as people groaned/yelped in annoyance till the three men reached the same doorway with their sidearms drawn.  They looked around the entranceway and the red man with yellow eyes looked at the other, pointed at the door and ordered, “Open it.” The lizard faced man made a short hiss before he pressed a button (while aiming his sidearm at the door with the other hand) and the door opened to reveal the room is pitch black.  The three men cautiously stepped close to the entranceway when suddenly they both vanished in a blink of an eye as there was a rush of air before the door closed again.  The men yelped as they were throttled onto the deck in the blackness when just as the door closed the lights came on in the room to reveal a small cargo hold with two blue men tied with their backs to each other and gagged while Gabriel stood before all of them (with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face) and said, “Good evening.” The three men looked up in shock as they looked around to see Knowna (in her dark green form) standing next to them and one of the three men started to point his sidearm at her when suddenly he was thrown back as he yelped in shock and bounced off a bulkhead behind him before he fell unconscious with Gabriel suddenly standing over him.  The other two men began to pull out their weapons when Knowna kicked the gun off one’s hand with her foot before kicking him in the stomach (knocking him on his back to the deck and cringed in pain) and grabbing the sidearm as it fell on her left hand and she pistol whipped the other knocking him to the deck as well, but with a few drops of green blood flying in the air and onto the deck as they flew from the lizard man’s mouth and laid unconscious.  Gabriel stepped forward to the other man and said, “Thank You Knowna.  I believe our friend here won’t mind answering a few questions now.” The man (that was kicked in the stomach) looked up as he still cringed in pain and said to both Gabriel and Knowna, “In order to ensure Zhargosia’s survival under Lord Serenity, I will not talk.” Gabriel sighed and made a sarcastic disappointed expression and stated, “Too bad.  Knowna, it’s your turn.” Knowna replied satisfactorily (but with a menacing tone), “With pleasure.” And the red man looked at her with a terrified expression as she stepped towards him and when she bend down over him Gabriel looked on till there was a sound of a bone snap and Gabriel stifled from throwing up as he put his hand to his mouth while the red man screamed in agony.

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