A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


5. 5

Knowna (in her human form) and Gabriel (adjusting the cufflinks in the suit that belonged to the man earlier) exited the alley and as Knowna looked around Gabriel said, “So, what did you think?” Knowna replied, “About what?” Gabriel asked, “The suit I wore before?” Knowna raised an eyebrow at him and made a face as if he’s crazy and he asked, “Is it the cape?” Knowna replied, “Definitely.  You’re lucky his suit is just about the right size.” Gabriel smirked and replied (as they walked), “I don’t believe in luck, but in this case, I agree.” Knowna asked, “Let’s find a ship off this planet.” Gabriel looked up and saw the sun is about to set and said, “Lets wait till the morning.  After all, we need some rest before we begin our journey which I know will be a little strenuous.” Knowna sighed and said, “Fine, where do you think we should spend the night genius?” He pulled the wallet (that belonged to the man they talked to earlier) out and looked at it and said, “Well from what I can see, how about a nice, fashionable hotel room that our sleeping friend can afford for us.” He put the wallet away as Knowna rolled her eyes at him and said, “Just don’t use his cards okay.”  


    The door opened into a large suite and Knowna (in her human form) entered the suite wearing a black and white fur coat and black heels and stockings as Gabriel (wearing a tux) confronted the bell man as he talked excitedly, “Thank You sir!  I can help arrange...” Gabriel calmly interrupted, “Its all right we can manage it from here.” The bell man still continued to talk excitedly asking for any other duties and Gabriel replied (struggling to hold his calm demeanor), “We’re fine, we’re fine!  We will call you if we need any other assistance!” Knowna looked over her shoulder at Gabriel and smirked as she held onto the front seems of her coat tightly and Gabriel closed the door on the bell man as he continued to talk.  Gabriel turned his back on the door and breathed a sigh of relief till he saw Knowna standing with his back towards him and smirking over her left shoulder and she said, “Join me on the balcony.” She walked to her left as Gabriel straightened his tux and followed.  Knowna stood on the balcony as she observed the fireworks in the night sky above the city as Gabriel approached from behind and wrapped both his arms around her thighs as she leaned back and sighed.  Gabriel whispered into her right ear (partially hidden by her shoulder length blond hair), “Looks like a romantic night.” Knowna smirked and whispered back, “Is that how you get all the ladies?” Gabriel replied, “No, but this does.” Gabriel’s right hand moved from her thigh to below her fur coat in the front and suddenly Knowna looked ahead, wide eyed, and made a soft yelp, “Oh!” Gabriel kept moving his hand and Knowna breathed heavily and Gabriel said calmly, “That’s not all.” He then moved his other hand beneath her fur coat (from behind) and Gabriel moved his right hand to the back as well and suddenly Knowna leaned forward and caught herself along the stone railing.  Fireworks then began to go off near the hotel as they masked Knowna’s passionate outbursts as Gabriel made love to her from behind till the fireworks close to the hotel ceased.  


    Gabriel and Knowna readjusted themselves and Gabriel went inside and began to pour a bottle of champagne into two wine glasses as he spoke, “I’m sure a decade old champagne will do justice for now.” He turned back towards the balcony, only to see Knowna standing directly in front of him as she clung to her fur coat tightly and looked longly at him and asked, “Do you want to show me more?” She opened her fur coat to reveal a black dress beneath it with the center crevice of her chest exposed as Gabriel stood there holding both champagne glasses.  Gabriel smirked and handed Knowna her champagne glass and said, “After we drink.  I hate wasting a glass of fine champagne.” Knowna let her fur coat drop to the floor to reveal that her black dress is held up by a strap behind her neck as both her arms and sides are exposed as well as she reached for her glass.  Gabriel raised his glass and asked, “What should we toast....” Before he could finish Knowna drank her champagne quickly and set her glass down and asked, “Sorry, what?” Gabriel looked down at the floor as he tried to keep from laughing, only to let out a chuckle, before he looked up with an amused face and spoke, “I’ll explain later.” He then drank his glass, before setting it down next to Knowna’s, and he asked (as he wrapped his arms behind the small of Knowna’s back), “Now, where were we?” And they both began to kiss passionately as Knowna placed her hands around Gabriel’s neck and Gabriel (with ease) maneuvered Knowna into the bedroom before closing the sliding door behind him.

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