A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


4. 4

Knowna (in her human form) entered a coffee shop and looked around to see various people and aliens minding their own business as they eat, drank or talked and not looking at her as she sat at the bar table.  A blue female with green hair and red eyes approached her from behind the counter and asked Knowna, “Can I get you anything?” Without looking at the menu Knowna replied dryly, “Green Espresso.” And the woman walked away and began making her drink.  As soon as she did a medium size, green, balding and blue eyed man in a suit walked by Knowna and quickly whispered, “Side alley 5.” Before walking out the door as Knowna looked like she didn’t hear him and got her drink, just as the man left, and began drinking it.  


    She entered the alley and at first she saw no one when all of a sudden two large, muscular red men appeared and grabbed both her arms from behind as two women (fully covered in what appears to be space suits) appeared in front of her, pointing energy based rifles at her.  Without resistance the two men dragged her into the middle of the alley and pinned her against the wall as the two women keep their rifles trained on Knowna and the same man she saw earlier appeared before her and behind the two women and he said, “We know you spared Gabriel Valkyrie’s life and you have allied with him.  In the name of humanity and the Republic of Zhargosia you will die a traitor’s de...” Suddenly there was a “Whoosh.” sound and the two women, that were standing between Knowna and the man that was talking, disappeared as their rifles hung in the air and suddenly dropped to the ground as loose paper and other light weight garbage flew about in the air around them leaving the man and the men holding Knowna in shock.  The man looked about in fear as Knowna smirked and said, “Looks like you have to get your hands dirty after all.” The man immediately looked at her, his eyes still wide with fear, and he pointed at her and yelped, “Kill her!  Kill her quick!” The men began to pull Knowna’s arms when suddenly Knowna transformed into her black/dark blue scale form as she kicked both of them between the legs forcing them to yelp/grown in pain and she slipped off the grasp of the one holding her right arm and she immediately kicked him in the face, forcing him to fall and slam the back of his head against one of the large, black, metal trash cans (leaving a dent) and slumped down onto the ground unconscious as she flipped over the head of the one holding her left arm, sat on both of his shoulders with the back of his head against her and she immediately performed a karate chop on the right side of his neck and he crumpled onto the ground unconscious as she landed on her feet.  


    Knowna looked at the man to see a handgun pointed directly at her face as he looked both angered and frustrated and said, “Try stopping a bull...” Suddenly an unknown force shoved him away as he immediately fired his gun and the man was slammed up against the side of a large green trash can (leaving a dent as well) on his right side and he yelped in pain as he looked at his right arm to see it was dislocated and he looked back at where Knowna was and saw she is still standing and glaring at him while Gabriel (wearing a blue body suit with a gold diamond border crest on his chest with the gold letter “G” in the middle with a blue background that matches his suit, black jack boots and a gold cape) stood to her right with the man’s pistol in one hand while on the other Gabriel showed him the bullet that the man fired at Knowna, as the man looked on in shock, and Gabriel said, “Yes, I can stop a bullet.” And he dropped it in one hand while the other crushed the pistol with ease (as if it was a piece of paper) and dropped the wad of metal onto the ground with a single clatter sound.  Knowna asked, “What happened to the others?” Gabriel replied (as he approached the man), “Hanging about.” There were a couple of groaning sounds and Knowna looked up to see the two space suited woman hanging off one of the metal platforms in the alley with the backs of their underwear wrapped around the handrails.


    Gabriel stood over the man and engulfed him within his shadow as the man looked up at him with strong determination and Gabriel said, “Now there are two ways we can do this.  You tell us all that you know about Knowna, including who are her parents and tell the authorities on Zhargosia to cease their pursuit on Knowna and removed the bounty on both my and Knowna’s heads.” Silence and the man asked, “Or what?” Gabriel smirked and replied, “I believe you know the answer to that.  After all, I am still learning about the extent of my abilities.  For instance.” Gabriel placed his left hand on the man’s right shoulder and suddenly the man cringed and grimaced in pain.  Knowna stepped up to Gabriel’s left as she looked at the man expression less as she glanced both at Gabriel and the man in pain and Gabriel removed his hand from the man’s shoulder.  The man felt relaxed once Gabriel’s hand is removed from his shoulder and the man breathed heavily with sweat running down his face and forehead.  Gabriel said, “I can tell from your face I must have squeezing your shoulder pretty hard, but to me I was merely placing my hand on your shoulder.” The man looked up at Gabriel with disbelief and fear and he said, “You’re a monster.  Just like your parents and your brother Michael.” Gabriel looked as if he ignored his comments and said, “The information, please.” The man replied, “I only answer to Zhargosia or Lord Serenity. Not to a f...” Gabriel reached to the man’s injured arm and said, “Here, let me help you u...” The man tried to pull away and yelped, “Okay, okay, I’ll tell you everything!”

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