A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


3. 3

Captain Von’s ship lifted off as Gabriel (with a small back pack slung over his left shoulder and a sword and pistol hosted on his holster) and the woman (in human form with shoulder length blond hair and street clothes) stood on the ground and watched the ship take off and flew away.  Gabriel turned his attention on the woman and said, “I don’t believe we are properly introduced.” He extended his right hand and said, “My name is...” The woman cut him off as she glared at him, “I know your name dumbbell.  As for me, you can call me Knowna.” She ignored his hand and Gabriel pulled his hand back and said, “My aren’t you in a sour mood today.” Knowna replied, “I’m only sour because you dumbass just blew my cover and is going to be near impossible to bring you in since you can obviously disarm or escape from me before I even have a chance to touch you.” Gabriel raised his right hand as if in a calming motion and said, “Now relax, I’m sure there is a way we can do this that can benefit both of us.” Knowna said angrily, “Benefit?  The only benefit for both of us is you die quickly while I on the other hand get a life sentence in a decent prison rather than those makeshift ones on GSC 308!” Gabriel (un-wavered by Knowna’s temper) said calmly, “Do you have a hotel room or a place to stay so we can discuss this further?  The last thing we both want to see another bounty hunter coming along or draw unwanted attention that will make things even more difficult.” Knowna raised her voice, “I’m not a bounty hunter moron! And yes I do have a place, only to talk!” Gabriel smirked and said, “Very good.  Shall we proceed?” Knowna looked frustrated and said, “Cover your face first and lead on.  Even though you are faster than me I’ll feel more comfortable that you are looking at me behind my back.” Gabriel replied as he continued to smirk, “Very well.” He pulled a hood up and over his face from his brown, ragged robe he wore over his dirty work clothes and walked on as Knowna followed him and blended into the crowd of people in the marketplace as they minded their own business.


    They entered a four story, rundown hotel as Knowna opened the door to her room to reveal that all the furnishings are all made out of metal or glass with the bed made up on top of a metal frame while the plastered walls and ceiling are peeling or falling off as Gabriel frowned disappointingly, shook his head and said, “Obviously the manager is too lazy to fix his business and care about his guest.” Knowna looked over her shoulder at him with an almost disgusted look and said, “Thanks for telling me the obvious.” Gabriel closed the door behind them and set his bag on the nearest chair as Knowna made a short trip to the bathroom and Gabriel said, “Before we do anything else I think it is fair that I should get to know you more if you want me to help you out of the conundrum that is forced upon you.” Knowna made a sigh sound and she said, “Fine.” 


    Knowna told Gabriel that the reason why she was hunting him is because the Zharg authorities threaten that if she doesn’t kill or capture him then they will put a bounty on her head and they will not stop till she is dead.  She also told Gabriel that she does not remember her past except for her name tattooed on her left forearm and when she tried to research herself or hack into Zharg or the United Star Systems government databases she found nothing, not even a picture and therefore does not even know what she really looks like.  Gabriel said, “Now that is unsettling.” Gabriel and Knowna (in her supposed human form wearing a blue bathrobe) sat across from each other at the table in the bedroom/dining room as Knowna drank a glass of what appears to be red wine and she replied, “Yeah, especially when you have no idea who your parents are, or if you have a family.” She pointed at herself and continued, “For now I have to assume this is what I really look like till I know for sure.” Gabriel spoke, “Then I suggest we find the people that have threaten you as they obviously know your abilities and could possibly know more.” Knowna looked at him angrily and replied, “Don’t you think I tried!  I tried to track them down but just as I started I noticed they were tracking me as well and they threatened that if I do it again they will execute me without hesitation.”  Gabriel got up from his chair and grabbed the wine bottle before him as he walked over Knowna’s right side and said, “That was when you are alone.  Now...” He then picked up her glass and poured it (all the while Knowna looked up and watched) before handing the wine glass back to her and continued, “There is us.” He smiled as he handed her the glass and she took it, gracefully, as she smirked and drank it and said, “You’re right.  Unfortunately I don’t have any weapons that you can use to...” Gabriel cut her off as he went to his bag and said, “I brought my own.” And he pulled out a specially designed six shooter (that looks more like a hand cannon) with gold trimmings and a golden head of a lion on its sides and sat it down on the bed before pulling out parts of an action bolt rifle from the sides of his bag, all the while Knowna looked a little impressed even as she looked on expressionless and replied, “Looks like you’ve got it handled.” Gabriel said, “Indeed I have.” He looked at her with a charming smile and at first Knowna smirked back but then look on in frustration and she picked up the empty wine bottle, walked over to him and shoved it to his chest and she said, “Nice try Romeo, but I read your file and know your ways so take out the trash and sleep on the floor.  We obviously got a big day ahead of us.” She walked away to the bathroom again as Gabriel held the empty bottle and smirked before he looked at the empty wine bottle with a quizzical expression and asked aloud, “What was with the wine bottle anyway?” Knowna replied from the bathroom, “It was meant for me to celebrate for capturing you!” Gabriel continued to look puzzled as he looked in her direction and said, “But you really didn’t!” Knowna replied, “I know genius!” Gabriel asked, “Then what were you celebrating then?” Knowna replied with frustration, “Take a wild guess Lover boy!” Gabriel smirked as he said to himself, “Hmm.” And walked to the kitchen to dispose of the empty wine bottle.

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