A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


26. 26

Behind a ten story, large hospital a large 18 wheeler pulled up behind the loading dock as a loader stood by with four heavily body armored soldiers flanked the loading doors of both the dock and the back of the trailer.  Once the truck stopped the loader opened both doors and medical equipment and various other packed boxes on carts began moving into the truck with haste as an older man in a military uniform (wearing a rank of a Major) stood by, watched the loading process and spoke aloud, “Come on!  We can’t be late for the transport!” The hospital loading dock personnel quickly moved carts back and forth, unaware that six blocks over Gabriel watched them as he crouched down on top of a roof of a fifteen story building and he said, “Looks like they are in a hurry.” Toads spoke frustratingly through an ear piece in Gabriel’s right ear, “They are not just in a hurry, but they are also one paranoid bunch!  Their security measures in their communications systems are so tight that they make me feel I need to go back to hacking school!” Knowna is sitting next to Gabriel (with her back resting against the side of the building’s edge) and spoke (in a sign of irritation), “I should have asked but why am I here and not disguising as one of the orderlies down there?” Gabriel still kept watch as he replied, “You know better, as well as I, that since Lord Serenity is Zhargosia’s puppet master they are one paranoid bunch and will do anything to keep intruders or saboteurs away.  Including security measures that to any normal people is considered overkill or unexpected.” Gabriel spoke, “In other words, there is no way we are going to infiltrate the convoy.” Toads sighed, “Exactly.” Knowna spoke, “With these paranoid people there has to be a way we can get in.” Gabriel smirked and replied, “And I found a way for one of us.  Unfortunately for you Knowna, it is going to be very cold.” Knowna looked at him, puzzled, and asked, “Why is that?” Gabriel replied, “Because they have a body in a cryogenic-tube that is just like you.” Knowna looked at him wide eyed in shock till Gabriel spoke quickly, “They are almost done.” Knowna looked serious and said, “Then you are going to have me replace that thing.” Toads stammered, as he is shocked by what he just heard, and asked, “Knowna, are you sure...” Knowna cut him off, “There is no time!  Freezing or not just get me...” Before she could finish, Gabriel scooped her up and in a flash flew her into the trailer of the 18 wheeler and hid behind one of the large boxes in front of the cryogenic-tube as the loaders continued to load while Knowna tried to catch her breath.  Gabriel held her hand, looked at Knowna with seriousness and asked, “Are you ready?” Knowna caught her breath and replied, “Yes, if you can open the tube.” Gabriel smirked and whispered back, “Its easy.  Just pull the lever and it opens.” Knowna scowled at him and said, “Lucky.  Just get me in the tube and dispose of that thing.” Gabriel made a single nod and held both of Knowna’s hands with comfort and stated, “I will see you on the other side.” Knowna looked at him with seriousness and replied, “You better.” Before she smirked and in a flash, Gabriel yanked the lever, opened the tube, pulled out a frozen replica of Knowna while Knowna immediately jumped in before Gabriel closed the tube and he flew out with the frozen body just as the doors closed in the back of the trailer.


    Gabriel flew back onto the same roof, with the frozen clone body, and looked over the ledge to see none of the guards or loaders noticed him flying in or out of the truck as they closed it up.  The 18 wheeler then began pulling away as Gabriel laid the frozen body down and Toads asked through Gabriel’s earpiece, “Well?” With one easy twist Gabriel snapped the clone’s neck as he replied, “Success for Knowna.  Now what to do with you.” He then stood back and used his heat vision and the clone’s body lighted up orange/yellow before it disappeared (leaving only a black shadow mark behind) as Gabriel stopped incinerating it and looked back at the 18 wheeler, now escorted by a dozen police vehicles both front and back, as it drove off towards the highway.  Toads asked, “Now what do we do?” Gabriel rolled his shoulders and replied, “Simple, follow them.” Gabriel then looked up before leaping up into the air and flew up till he is past the clouds and looked down at the convoy below and followed them as he kept watching the convoy’s movements.  When Gabriel replied to Toads’s question, in the meantime, Toads sighed before turning the key (in a beat up older car) and the car struggled to start at first till it suddenly started and Toads drove off, keeping his distance from the convoy, as the car shook and looked like it was about to fall apart as Toads drove.


    For just over half an hour Gabriel continued to fly over the convoy with ease, while on the ground Toads continued to pray his car doesn’t die as he kept following the convoy a few vehicles back till the vehicles began peeling away when he reached a sign that said, “Opham Air Force Base” And Toads pulled over to the side of the road when he noticed a military checkpoint in the distance and he asked, “Okay, what do we do now?” Gabriel replied through his ear piece, “Just, be patient.” Toads sighed as he adjusted the lenses of his goggles to zoom in on the convoy, as it passed through the checkpoint and entered the airfield.  He watched as two soldiers opened the doors to the trailer and allowed another soldier to climb inside, holding a rod with a device attached to it.  Gabriel spoke through Toads earpiece, “They are checking the cargo.  They are using infer-red.” Toads spoke, “Hope they don’t notice the body switch.” They waited for a few moments till Toads saw the same soldier again as he jumped out and gave a thumbs up signal and Toads sighed with relief and said, “Looks like we are good to go.  Now what do we do?” Gabriel replied, “Get out of the car.” Toads looked confused and asked, “Excuse...” Gabriel cut him off, “Please, we do not have much time.” Toads rolled his shoulders and replied, “Okay.” Toads got out and asked, “Now what?” The two soldiers began closing the doors when Gabriel replied, “Take a deep breath.” Toads looked frustrated but he took a breath when suddenly Gabriel appeared behind him and in an instant, Gabriel grabbed Toads by the waist and flew him straight into the trailer just before the doors closed and locked.  Toads then stumbled, as he felt nauseous, till he steadied himself and Gabriel turned on a small flashlight before proceeding to the cryo-tube, opening it and after a few moments Knowna gasped for air before Gabriel helped her out.  When Toads caught his breath he spoke, “You need to tell your boyfriend to warn me before he pulls a stunt like that.” Knowna snatched the flashlight from Gabriel’s hand and looked at Gabriel before she frowned and replied as she rolled her eyes, “Oh I have, MANY times.” They heard a sound of a particle materializer but as they looked around nothing changed and Knowna asked, “What the hell was that?” Gabriel replied calmly, “We are beamed aboard a transport ship that is taking us to Altorus.” They watched as Gabriel sat down and rested his back against the side of one of the large crates and Toads looked confused as Knowna sighed and sat next to Gabriel and he asked, “Now what?” Gabriel was about to reply till Knowna answered for him, “Sit back and enjoy the ride.” Gabriel smiled at Knowna, as Toads sat next to another large crate away from them with his own flashlight turned on, as she smiled back and they both held hands as they sat side by side with the flashlight focused on their hands and faces.

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