A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


25. 25

Knowna groaned as she sat up in bed (with her blond hair tangled/standing up) still looking tired as she looked around when she heard the sound of running water and asked, “Are you cooking?” The sound of water stopped and Gabriel replied loudly, “Yes, I was hoping to surprise you but I burned the eggs!” Knowna looked confused and asked aloud, “How can you...” Gabriel came around the corner in a regular shirt and pants and pointed at his eyes and Knowna stopped herself and said, “Oh.” She then gave him a look and said, “I think its best to leave your special abilities out of the kitchen.” Gabriel gave an understanding nod and stated, “Can’t argue with that.” Knowna chuckled as Gabriel smirked and Knowna said, “Thank You for thinking of me.  We can just get a pickup while we head for the Interstellar Transport Hub.” Gabriel looked puzzled and asked, “Why are we going there?” Knowna looked down and somber as she replied, “I have decided that instead of blatenly attack all the installations my parents and Kendrick work or have influence, we just observe all the smaller ones off planet and wait and see if my parents show their faces.” Gabriel gave an impressed look and confirmed, “You mean you want to wait patiently and gather more evidence before you judge them?” Knowna spoke, “I won’t judge them.  I’ll let the courts decide their fate.” Gabriel then looked dumbfounded and asked sarcastically, “Wait a minute, are you Knowna?  The Knowna I know smashes in doors and beats the crap out people and blows things up rather than turn people in to the authorities.” Knowna tried to stifle from laughing but failed as she tried to cover her mouth and eventually replied, “Yes, I’m your same woman.” Gabriel smirked and spoke as he started to leave the room, “I will notify Toads and tell him to get ready.” Knowna called out, “I’m sure he’ll be thrilled!” When she heard the door closed Knowna looked down and shook her head as she smirked before grabbing the remote control and turning on the tv.  She began flipping through the channels (in a non-caring expression) till she reached the news channels and saw “Breaking News” labeled on them.  She stopped to watch and after a few moments her face changed from non-caring to a hurtful expression and looked like she was on the verge of tears till all of a sudden she began to cringe in anger and her muscles tightened the longer she watched the television.


    Gabriel came back into the room and spoke as he walked towards the bedroom, “Knowna, Toads is able to book passage for all three...” Just as he entered the room he was kicked in the throat and he stumbled and almost fell as he grasped his throat and tried to breath.  Before he could try to gasp a word Knowna grabbed him by the collar and yanked/spun him forward forcing him onto his back as she looked at him with angry eyes and red face and screamed (as if trying to yell through tears), “WHY!  WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Gabriel wheezed for a few moments till he is able to gasp, “What?” Knowna grabbed the remote and turned up the volume on the tv as Gabriel tried to sit up and saw an image of an older man standing on a podium and speaking, “These files that prove that Lt. Colonel Kendrick is allowing the experimentation and creation of people as weapons or tools for foreign parties or personal profit is entirely false, according to the Zhargosia Republic!  Lt. Colonel Kendrick is under their custody and have told the United Star Systems that there will be no investigation!  They have said Lord Serenity has issued a statement that if Lt. Colonel Kendrick or any of his associates are arrested or investigated he will destroy a planet!  He also ordered Zhargosia to give Lt. Colonel Kendrick and any of his associates asylum and are to be granted immunity and if Zhargosia fails to comply then he will also destroy a heavily populated planet as well!  In keeping with Lord Serenity’s threats, Zhargosia has granted Lt. Colonel Kendrick asylum and immunity and have issued a statement that if the United Star Systems or anyone that is a member or citizen of the USS try to kidnap, capture or kill Kendrick and his associates will constitute as a declaration of war!” The tv abruptly turned off and Knowna turned to Gabriel, still furious, and spoke loudly, “Thanks to you, now we will never find the people that took away my identity!  I will never know what I really look like or why my parents did this to me!” Gabriel replied with strange calm, “Not true.  As a matter of fact, this just made our job easier to find them.” Knowna raised her hands to the side and asked sarcastically, “Please elaborate.” Gabriel stood up and straightened his appearance as he spoke, “Since now Kendrick and his associates have to relocate, all we have to do is go to one of those sites where one of his lesser associates work, track their movements from a distance and when they board one of Zhargosia’s interstellar transports we infiltrate it and hitch hike our way to where they will operate and do our business.” Knowna spoke aloud, “But if we get caught they will declare all out war!” Gabriel replied, “Not if we are still wanted fugitives in Zhargosia.” Knowna was about to yell at him but stopped herself as she remembered, smirked and made a low laugh as she pointed at him and said, “Your good.” Gabriel smirked as well and replied, “I was a general for a reason.” He then looked serious and continued, “Now lets get to one of those locations and track them or else we are right back at square one, nothing.” Knowna looked serious as well and said, “Agreed, although I think from now on its better if Toads doesn’t come along since he is not a wanted fugitive.” Gabriel replied, “No he is still good.  After our last few encounters I believe Kendrick and your parents are now more than interested in Toads and couldn’t wait to get their hands on him.  Plus, I recently checked Zhargosia’s Most Wanted posters and they have just added Toads on their list.” Knowna made a sarcastic sad expression and said, “I’m so sorry for him.” She then grinned and continued, “Now he is REALLY going to love us.” They both laughed and then Gabriel pointed to the door and said, “We better get moving.” Knowna made a sarcastic salute as she stood at attention and replied, “Aye, aye general!” And she giggled as she transformed (into the woman the night before) as she turned around and headed for the door with Gabriel right behind her.

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