A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


24. 24

Gabriel stopped in a side street next to a fancy hotel as Toads and Knowna stepped away to catch their breath.  Once they caught their breath, Toads looked around and asked, “Can you find another place to stop besides alley ways?” Gabriel raised his hands and replied, “If you can find another place indiscreet and easy access to a hotel then please, tell us.” Knowna looked up at the tanned large and tall structure and glass before her and made an impressed face and said, “Right now, I’m impressed.” She looked at the others before transforming into a short, skinny woman in a suit and spoke, “I’ll go and make arrangements this time.” She pointed at both of them as she glared and stated, “You two behave yourselves till I come back.” Toads looked puzzled as Gabriel looked innocent as he put his hands up and replied, “I will, I swear.” Knowna rolled her eyes before walking out of the side street, leaving Toads and Gabriel alone.  Gabriel put his hands down and looked concerned and spoke, “I take it you know Knowna is acting a little strange this entire day.” Toads looked at him, as if he’s crazy, and replied, “A little?  I think you mean off her rocker.” Gabriel gave Toads a serious look and Toads put his hands up (as he looked frightened), crouched and said, “Not saying she is crazy!” Gabriel gave a single chuckle as he smirked and waved at Toads and said, “I know what you mean.” He looked concerned again as Toads recomposed himself and stated, “We have to do something before Knowna makes a mistake she will regret, or get both of us killed.” Toads spoke, “I agree.  What do you have in mind?” Gabriel looked at Toads and replied, “Do what we should have done in the beginning.”


    Knowna came back out (in disguise as the same woman) and saw Gabriel pulling a thick, worn shirt to cover his suit as he already had jeans and tennis shoes on while Toads sat patiently waiting and she said, “Everything is settled, let’s go.” Gabriel rolled up his cape and held it as he and Toads followed Knowna inside the hotel and they made it through the busy lobby (looking about indiscreetly in the process) and noticed no one is paying to much attention to them as they entered one of the hotel’s elevator and Knowna pressed the number 8 before the elevator doors closed.  When the elevator doors opened again they followed Knowna as she turned left down a hallway and walked till they stopped in front of two rooms with numbers 814 and 815 and Knowna pointed to 815 and stated, “Your room Toads.” And she gave him the keycard before opening 814 and walking in before Gabriel made a single nod at Toads and followed her inside and closed the door behind him.  Gabriel was about to speak as he entered the bedroom till he saw Knowna transform into her human form and flopped onto the bed (facedown) and Gabriel smirked and asked, “Tired from the easy work today?” Knowna groaned, “Ha, ha, very funny.” Gabriel started getting undressed when Knowna shot her right arm up, pointed to the bathroom (still lying in bed) and groaned loudly, “Shower first!” Gabriel gave a disappointing sigh before he headed to the bathroom, closed the door and turned on the water.  


    When Gabriel finished showering, he opened the door to reveal he is wearing a white robe and is about to speak when he noticed Knowna is still lying in the same position he saw her before.  Using his sensitive hearing he heard a very light snore from Knowna, confirming she is asleep.  Very quietly, Gabriel walked lightly on his feet to the table next to him and grabbed the folder a pulled out one of the files that has Knowna’s name but no true identity and a question mark for he image.  Gabriel looked grim and spoke to himself, “If only there is another way.” He looked at her again, still asleep, before he lightly walked out of the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

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