A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


23. 23

In the soldier’s uniforms and gear, Knowna and Gabriel walked down the hallway till the alarm went off and they quickly looked at each other before they began jogging down the hallway where hospital personnel began rushing into nearby rooms or out of the way of the incoming soldiers and security.  Knowna and Gabriel approached the column of hospital security and soldiers and Knowna pointed behind her and Gabriel and yelled, “They are right behind us!  Secure the hallway immediately!” The soldiers and security slowed their pace as a soldier appeared in front with a handheld, box shaped device in front of him.  The soldier looked down at the small screen and it first showed the heat signatures of the two soldiers in front of them till he pressed a trigger in the grip and the image of the soldiers changed to show the heat signatures of Gabriel and Knowna and it read “Imposters” The soldier looked up and yelled, “Their they are!” The soldiers and security immediately pointed their guns down the hallway and began firing, just as Knowna and Gabriel dodged to their left/right into the nearest rooms for cover as bullets flew down the hallway or ripped onto the floor or walls where they were.  Gabriel hugged against the doorway, as the bullets zipped between him and Knowna, and yelled, “Now what do we do?” Knowna looked at him, as if he is stupid, and replied, “Obvious Sherlock!  Get out there and...” At that moment, the last soldier’s (behind the rest as they continued firing) neck was wrapped up and he was yanked off his feet and thrown back before smashing through the glass doors behind him and Toad’s tongue retracted back into his throat.  The others soldiers and security did not notice and Toads ran up alongside of the left wall as he shot out his tongue, wrapped another soldier around the throat and threw him back just as Toads jumped to the other side of the wall and kicked the soldier in the face in mid-air before grabbing a security guard on the shoulders and as Toads jumped onto the floor he threw the guard knocking another to the floor.  A security guard turned around, saw what happened and trained his gun on Toads only for Toads to shoot out his tongue, yanked the guard’s gun off him and pistol whipped him across the face (knocking him out) and threw the rifle at the back of another security guard’s head and knocked him out as well.  Toads then yelled out, “Hey dildos!” The soldiers and security personnel all looked at Toad’s direction (as well as Knowna and Gabriel as they looked around the corners) and when they noticed him and trained their guns in his direction, ready to blow him away.  


    Gabriel noticed the soldiers and security were all looking at Toads and in a blink of an eye he rushed forward and knocked the security and soldiers to Toads left side off their feet as pieces of Gabriel’s suit flew about in the air to reveal his blue body suit and cape, blocking the other soldier’s and security personnel’s vision before the others (Gabriel kicked and punched out of the way) fell hard onto the floor.  Toads immediately jumped onto the ceiling, flipped over as he came down and kicked two soldier’s in the face as he shot out his tongue, grabbed a security guard by the throat and yanked him till his face connected with Toad’s fist and fell onto the floor knocked out.  Two soldiers to Toad’s left and right fired at him, but Toads immediately flipped in the air as a blue streak zipped past beneath him and dislocated a soldier to the left and right of Toads, knocking them both to the floor screaming in pain as their own bullets zipped over their comrade’s head and struck the walls while at the same time Toads shot out his tongue, grabbed the last security guard by the throat and yanked him over his head (as the guard flipped in the air) till the guard struck his back to the left side wall (upside down) and bounced off before landing on his head and crumpled to the floor.  When all the soldiers and security that found them were taken out Knowna appeared from her cover position and approached Gabriel and Toads as she said, “I believe you know what to do.” She grabbed Gabriel around the waist as Gabriel first looked a little perplexed before he sighed and asked, “Any specific hotel?” Toads looked disappointed and breathed, “Damn.” And stood next to Gabriel as well when Knowna replied, “Anything better than the last one.” Gabriel grabbed hold of Toads and Knowna, as they heard the sound of boots approaching, and he warned, “Hold on.” And in a flash, he sped out of the hospital premises in a blink of an eye making the soldiers and security personnel that just appeared looked around the hallway in wonder of where Gabriel and the others are.

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