A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


22. 22

Gabriel woke up the next morning and heard the sound of multiple voices outside and when he looked at Knowna’s side of the bed he noticed she was gone.  He got up, put on his blue robe and when he opened the door he saw Toads and Knowna standing by each side of the table as they looked up at him.  Gabriel rubbed the back of his neck (as he cringed from the sunlight shinning in) and grudgingly asked, “Did I miss anything?” Knowna replied, blatantly, “Everything.” Gabriel looked at her innocently and asked, “Why didn’t you wake me?” Knowna replied, “Why would I when you have sensitive hearing.” Gabriel stood firm and said, “My, someone is not in a happy mood.” Knowna replied dryly, “I will be happy once I settle the score with my so called parents.” She turned to Toads and said, “Let’s move.” Toads began walking out of the room at a fast pace as Knowna transformed into a hispanic female with fancy clothes and began to walk out.  In a flash, Gabriel dressed up in the same clothes he wore before going to bed as he put his robe in a plastic bag before exiting their hotel room and caught up with Knowna.  Gabriel asked, in a low tone of voice, “Mind filling me in what we are doing?” Knowna continued walking, as if ignoring him, and replied, “No.” Gabriel gave a confused look and asked, “Then what I am supposed to do in our mission?” Knowna replied angrily, “You figure it out.” Gabriel made a silent sigh as he followed Knowna till they exited the hotel and noticed Toads is dressed up like a valet, holding the door open, and Knowna and Gabriel got in as Gabriel made a side remark, “This fits you.” Toads cringed with frustration and closed the door hard, almost slamming, nearly hitting Gabriel as he sat before going to the other side, got in and drove away.


    They rode in silence for about half an hour till Gabriel looked at Knowna with concern as she looked out her side window with a firm gaze and said, “I’m sorry to press on like this, but I still need to know exactly what I am doing.” Without looking at him, Knowna rolled her eyes, made a deep (frustrating) sigh and replied, “Pretend you are my personal bodyguard.” Gabriel smirked and said, “See, now that wasn’t hard.  Was it?” Knowna replied blatantly, “Yes.” The limo slowed down, as Toads approached a security gate with a sign next to it saying, “Melrose Psychiatric Hospital.” And a security guard came out of the shack as Toads opened the window and the guard asked, “Here to see a patient or business?” Toads replied, “Business.  Mayor Doctor Rose Tyler is here to tour the facility.” The guard pulled out a clipboard and paper and began checking the guest list when Toads spoke, “It’s a surprise inspection.” The guard looked at him confused till the window behind Toads rolled down and Gabriel leaned out and spoke firmly as he looked serious, “The doctor does not want to be kept waiting.” The guard walked a few steps, towards Gabriel, and looked inside to see a hispanic woman looking at him with a stern gaze and the guard’s ears turned red as he stepped back and stuttered, “ problem!  Go ahead!” He immediately pressed a button just inside the guard shack and the gate opened, allowing Toads to drive in and park in the parking garage beneath the hospital.  Gabriel and Toads exited the vehicle and Toads opened the door for Ms. Tyler (Knowna) as she exited the vehicle and she looked at Toads and stated, “Wait in the car.” Toads tried to keep from grimacing in frustration as he made a single nod and went back to the driver side and sat in the car as Tyler and Gabriel walked towards the hospital entrance from the garage.  


    The doors slide open and Gabriel and Tyler noticed two security guards (one next to a metal detector and another behind a stand up desk with a glass barrier in front of him) before them and they both looked baffled as they noticed Tyler.  Tyler spoke firmly, “Are you going to do your jobs or do you want me to fire you?” The guards immediately went to work and Tyler and Gabriel went through the x-ray machine and metal detector before they were given visitor badges and proceeded to the glassed-in control booth behind the guards.  Tyler approached the glass (where another guard stood) as Gabriel stood behind and she demanded, “I need to see Hospital Director Nathaniel Cushing now.” The guard’s normal grey skin turned a shade lighter as he flustered (even as he tried to look at attention) and pressed a button next to a phone before he began speaking.  After he put the phone down he pressed a speaker button and his voice came out of a small box before Tyler, “Mr. Nathaniel Cushing is notified and he will be down in a few minutes ma’m.” Tyler replied, “Very well.” And she turned to Gabriel, walked to him and turned around as she stopped and stood next to him as they waited with Gabriel looking absolutely calm while Tyler looked like she is ready to yell at someone.  


    The door to the left of the control center opened and a middle-aged, brown haired, grey-skinned man in a doctor’s suit walked fast towards Tyler before stopping before her and spoke (as he tried indiscreetly to catch his breath), “Mayor Doctor Tyler, we were not expecting you.” Tyler replied, “This is a surprise inspection.  I want to make sure everything is exactly what is supposed to be done and not just only when I am here.” Cushing replied, “Yes ma’m.” Tyler spoke firmly, “You may begin doctor.” Cushing answered as he started to walk away, “Yes ma’m.” Suddenly he stopped, looked at Tyler and asked, “Where do you want to start?” Tyler replied aloud (almost yelling) as she looked at him angrily, “Anywhere you fool!” Cushing responded instantly, “Yes ma’m!” And he walked away briskly, with Tyler and Gabriel following behind.


    For the next half hour, Cushing gave them a guided tour of the hospital as Gabriel kept a professional and calm expression as he listened to the doctor and looked at where the doctor was talking about while Tyler (Knowna) at first looked serious and angry but later began to look bored and irritated even as they stood just outside looking through the glass into the nursery as Cushing spoke, “We keep the room sterilized using KP-L4 and recirculate the air every...” Tyler interrupted, “Very nice now show me the biohazard lab.  I also want to see Dr. Crowne and have her give me a through breakdown of all the diseases and viruses that are kept, immediately.” Cushing looked grim but replied, “Yes ma’m.” And they followed Dr. Cushing till they reached what appears to be elevator doors and Dr. Cushing placed his right hand on the scanner to scan his hand and finger prints.  A green light appeared over the reader and a female voice stated, “Identity.” Cushing replied, “Dr. Nathaniel Cushing, Hospital Director.” After a few moments the voice spoke again, “Voice recognition verified.” The elevator like doors opened and Dr. Cushing, Tyler and Gabriel stepped inside a large open, clean lab with only one woman (with her back turned to them), standing over a lab table looking through a microscope, that is present.  Dr. Cushing spoke, “Dr. Natalie Crowe.” Natalie’s medium built body turned around as she moved back her dark brown hair to reveal her piercing blue eyes and perfectly clean, light tanned skin and she asked firmly, “Yes Dr. Cushing?” Cushing pointed an open palm to Tyler and Gabriel and replied, “May I introduce you to Mayor Doctor Rose Tyler and...” He looked at Tyler and Tyler replied firmly, “My bodyguard, Gabriel Valkyrie.” Cushing turned back to finish, “And her bodyguard, Gabriel Val...” Cushing looked wide eyed as he turned back to face them only for Knowna (as she transformed into her human form as she flipped in the air) to kick Cushing across the face and knocked him out.  Crowe is shocked as well and she immediately turned and reached beneath the table only Gabriel suddenly appeared beside her (as he grasped her wrist) and gently pulled her arm away to Crowe’s amazement as she looked up at Gabriel’s smirking face and he stated, “I believe you have a lot of explaining to do.” Crowe spoke, “Who..” Suddenly she was grabbed from behind and forced down where her chin hit the table top as she yelped in pain and Knowna grabbed the nearest sharp instrument (a scalpel) and held the tip close to Crowe’s right eye while keeping Crowe pinned to the table.  Crowe watched the scalpel in shear terror as Knowna yelled, “Who the fuck are you and where is Dr. Crowe?” Gabriel was taken aback at first but he stood close to Knowna (as if ready to pull her away) and said, “Knowna, I believe you should...” Knowna snapped her head to his direction and looked furious as she seethed, “Act like a bodyguard and stand watch by the door.” Gabriel was about to protest but stopped himself, looked at her grimly and turned his back towards her.


    Knowna resumed her attention back at the woman that assumes Crowe’s identity and spoke loudly, “Now!” The woman replied, “Okay, okay!  I was ordered to assume her identity as they evacuated her!” Knowna stuck the scalpel closer to her eye and yelled, “Who?” The woman yelped, “I don’t know!  One wore a military uniform while the rest wore body armor!” Knowna looked frustrated and asked, “The one wearing the uniform, did he have a rank of a Lt. Colonel?” The woman replied, “No, she had a rank of a Major!” Knowna breathed, “Damnit.” And she slammed the scalpel on the table and back handed the woman across the face, knocking her out as she fell to the floor.  Gabriel spoke, “Looks like Kendrick didn’t waste time on relocating your parents.” Knowna still looked frustrated as she replied, “Obviously, and we fell right into his trap.” A male, rough, voice spoke over the intercom, “Gabriel Valkyrie and Knowna, kneel and put your hands on top of your head!” Knowna asked, “Can you get us out of here?” Gabriel looked past the metal walls and saw a squad of heavily armed and body armored soldiers standing behind the door and alongside the wall and Gabriel replied, “Easy.” He heard the sound of smashing glassware behind him and he looked and saw Knowna smashing glass beakers and other lab equipment before dumping a beaker of unknown green liquid all over the desktop computer, creating sparks as the computer shorted out, and Gabriel spoke (almost apprehensively), “There could be something in the computer!” Knowna spoke, “Definitely not since this is a trap.  Even if there is, its just another path for another trap they laid out for us!” The voice spoke over the intercom again, “You got five seconds!” They both looked at each other and Knowna looked puzzeled and asked, “Do I need to ask?” Gabriel smirked and replied, “No, I get it.” In just a second, Gabriel ran and smashed through the steel wall to the right of the door, and the soldiers were thrown off their feet (due to the explosion as Gabriel smashed through and either kicked them off their feet or punched them) and fell to the ground hard as suddenly Gabriel smashed through the metal doors and stood exactly where he was before and straightened his suit.  The soldiers moaned and groaned in pain as they squirmed on the ground and Knowna walked past Gabriel (transforming into one of the soldiers in the process) and said, “Show off.” Gabriel smirked and in a flash he took off one of the soldiers uniform and gear and changed clothes before he and Knowna walked out looking like the soldiers that tried to apprehend them.


    In the meantime, Toads played on an app on his phone till an alarm sounded and he stopped, sighed and said, “Looks like plan B.” He stepped out of the car and saw two heavily armed soldiers running out the hospital doors and aimed their automatic rifles at Toads and one of them yelled, “Get on the ground now!” Toads calmly raised his hands when suddenly his tongue stretched out, grabbed the yelling soldier’s rifle and yanked it at his companions face as the soldier pulled the trigger, sending a large burst of automatic fire that shredded his comrade’s head before Toads yanked the rifle off the soldier’s grasp and pistol whipped him across the face (rendering him unconscious).  Toads then pulled his tongue back and threw the rifle to the side as he stood by the car, waiting for Knowna and Gabriel as he whistled a tune “It’s A Small World After All.”

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